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3.5 Campaign - Carrollton

  1. tom840
    Hi everyone,

    I posted this new campaign announcement to the main page, but thought I'd post here specifically for this group.

    I'm starting a new 3.5 campaign in the Carrollton area and am looking for interested players. It would be a casual bi-monthly game every other Friday night. The times are flexible, but would likely be from 7 pm - 11 pm (or later...depending on players). My goal is to have a fun and varied game with an engaging story-line. This would be a great game for busy folks with a family that don't have a huge amount of time to devote to gaming but can sneak away for a few hours twice a month to roll the dice. Looking for four consistent players. I've done some online gaming with Maptool and play-by-email, so we could use this in between sessions to stay in character in there is interest.

    Here are the details on the campaign itself:

    A century ago, there was a war between humans and orcs. The humans won this long and bloody war, and as things have come to pass, they now live in relative peace (at least in this corner of the world). As the decades have passed, while the alliance between humans and orcs have grown stronger, a new and menacing evil has come to the surface. Your characters are on the edge of the civilized world in a small town that borders the wild lands to the east and north. A strange and sinister force is at work, and the characters will be thrown into the action from the get go. Hordes of evil denzins have attacked the northern borders and even in the smaller towns to the south. The cities to the west have yet to answer the call for more troops and the abilities of the barbarian towns to hold off the invasion is faltering.

    A few words about the campaign. I'm a new DM, so character classes will be restricted to the Player's Handbook. I will make full use of weather, varied settings (urban and rural) and will be balanced in terms of role-playing and combat. I can provide more details on request. This would be the perfect group for people that are looking to play a couple times a months or perhaps other DMs that miss having the opportunity to play or even busy professionals that have trouble squeezing in game time. (That's the reason I had to leave my last group. I love playing, but taking an entire Saturday proved to much for my schedule).
  2. seanpsimmons
    I live in North Lewisville around 121 and 35. I'm looking for an RPG group. Know of any in the area? Thanks!

  3. cosmicimp
    How is the campaign going? Do you have room for another member? - Tracey
  4. Sahrial
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ditto.

    eh? =D
  5. dbatman4u
    So I talked to my Saturday gaming group and we have one possibly two slots if (you come as a pair) in my Saturday Pathfinder game. We need a cleric or healer. PM me if your interested. Carrollton, TX we are playing Rise of the Runelords.
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