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Welcome and Introductions

  1. Lender
    I started this group because I like to talk about gaming matters from a Christian perspective - with other Christians - when I can. One of the troubles is that I DON'T KNOW ANY! That's not entirely true, (man, I'm already LYING on the Christian group discussion board - this is off to goood start!) I know a couple. But I've since moved away from these friends, and I've always found it extremely difficult to find other Christian gamers. I think you know why. There still exists a huge stygma about RPGs in the church. I'm not going to get into the reasons why that is, or start wringing my hands over the shame-of-it-all. At least not yet. All I'm really getting at is that there aren't very many of us (seemingly), and we don't exactly announce our hobby to the whole congregation.


    I've also noticed that we don't exactly announce our faith amongst the congregation of gamers, either. So here's a chance to find some other Christian gamers, talk about things, and who-knows-what-else?

    I've made this a "moderated" group, not to be super-exclusive or try to make everyone pass some kind of faith-test, but if I can keep a few insincere jerks who just want to cause trouble out, so much the better.

    Well, so much for the welcome - now for an introduction - mine.

    I've been role-playing since I was 8 or 9, (I'm in my early thirties, now) raised in church, but truly came to faith in high school. My hobby was often a sticking point with other believers, even my parents. But they didn't forbid it since they indirectly introduced me to it , and they could see good fruit in my life. Today, I'm a VERY happily married man with three kids and another on the way! Christ is my passion! "To live is Christ..." to role-play... is just a game! - one that I enjoy (though I rarely get to play, these days).

    That's it for now. As others join, please drop a line in greeting and maybe a line or two about yourself here. Then we'll see what other discussions pop up.

    I close with one of my favorite scriptures: 1 Timothy 6:6

    "But godliness with contentment is great gain."

    All the best,
  2. bprail
    Having most recently pondered the question of being a Christian and a "gamer" yesterday, I find roleplaying games to provide an interesting opportunity to consider people's actions in light of sin and grace. I almost always play "good" characters and find it an interesting challenge to be "good". The cost is almost nil for the character to perform acts of charity (giving to the poor, etc), yet how loathe am I to do so. This is all separate for the enjoyment of the game itself.

    I started playing pen and paper RPGs almost 20 years ago, and recall playing simple electronic ones like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy even before then. I too encountered some skepticism from my parents those many years ago. Since then I've played with many groups, in the usual parting of ways with school or jobs. But for now, I'm recently married and recently moved, so it's back to searching for a new group.

    - Brian
  3. Lender
    "I find roleplaying games to provide an interesting opportunity to consider people's actions in light of sin and grace."

    Bprail, could you give a little more detail about the above idea?

    Also, I've never heard anyone explore the "challenge" of playing "good" characters. RPGs, at their core, give us all the chance to (mentally) be something we're not - medieval warriors, space pirates, heroes, etc. Most of us are satisfied with just that level of game experience - being courageous, daring, highly skilled, and so on. Which is fine. But to consciously play a character that is more virtuous (in terms of character or morality) than we are in real life and have it hold a mirror up to our actual lives is a concept I've never considered! something new...


    It's a sad thing, but a large percentage of players use RPGs to explore the other direction. This is not to be wondered at. They see a make-believe world as a chance to see what it's like to be wicked or amoral - with no real consequences beyond what a GM can do (if he even cares) to your make-believe character. "Oh No! The fake person represented by this piece of paper in front of me has been thrown in a dungeon! I now repent of my ways!"

    These words of Jesus' speak to this perfectly, I think.

    Luke 6:45
    45The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.

    Here's a link to a response of mine on another forum on this site. The subject is "evil" campaigns.

    Thoughts? Anyone?

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