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Conviction Check for Mr. Coleman, please

  1. Edward
    Mr. Coleman, please make a Conviction Check (4d10) at Difficulty 9. You need at least two successes.
  2. MrSleep
    Dif nine, two successes. You are an evil man.

    * Jimmy tries to cling to sanity *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    06-03-2010 01:07 AM
    Jimmy tries to cling to sanity : 4d10 (6,4,4,4 = 18)
    4d10 (10,9,4,10 = 33)
    4d10 (9,10,4,2 = 25)
    4d10 (3,4,3,10 = 20)
  3. MrSleep
    Crap. I managed to input the text wrong again, miss the roll I need and have two useless successes staring at me. So, unless you're feeling generous enough to allow the second roll, or a new roll due to luck, Jimmy fails.
  4. Edward
    You lose 1 Enlightenment and gain 1 Derangement.
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