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[Scene] Prologue

  1. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    The danger, for the moment, has passed. Second unit cast and crew are flying over the Mediterranean in an AN-24 belonging to Oklo Power Group. Some people have curled up in corners, such as they are. Some are praying, others weep to themselves. Until now, you had thought you knew what a "gruelling film schedule" meant.

    Johnathan Roberts, the veteran actor, hasn't been seen since he went to see why the plane wasn't taking off. The shafts of sunrise lancing through the cargo and passenger area, combined with only John's voice being heard over the intercom suggests the reason why.

    An hour into the flight, the skittering scrape of metal on metal stops at Anita's feet. It's the web gear of one of their bodyguards. 'Buddy,' an Irishman who proudly called himself a mercenary. The black nylon harness still reeks of iron and gunpowder. Attached to the web gear is Anita's revolver. The leather holster is fouled a dark, sticky red. Blood. Buddy's blood. He was last seen blazing away into the darkness with a prop machinegun behind a makeshift barrier at the rear of the runway. But this was no film scene. It's still hard to make sense of what happened. In addition to a combat knife, a powerbar, and some personal items, the kit also contains his iPhone. He'd just gotten it when they first met him and Mike, their bodyguards. Buddy was always checking and updating his Facebook.

    As she takes that in, Ryan Voss shuffles past, holding the web gear and carbine of their other bodyguard, Mike Haskins. Ryan had played Mike in many movies before. No, not exactly, but the same archetype. Where Buddy was boisterous and excitable, like an overgrown kid, Mike was more reserved. A former Marine, after his 9/11 stop-loss tour was up Mike had returned home to Texas and gotten a job he called his childhood dream: Being a cop. Why he went from a dream-job to executive protection had remained a mystery, and probably would. He and Buddy were supposed to catch up with the plane on the pickup truck after the plane had taxiied and gotten ready for takeoff. Ryan had gone back after the gunfire hadn't been replaced by truck sounds. He'd returned alone. The only part of Mike that made it onto the plane were his combat kit, his carbine, and the viscera on Ryan's face and clothes.

    "(is this mine)" Ryan whispered. It wasn't the sultry, seductively sibilant hiss that had made Ryan Voss' romance scenes the stuff of legend. It wasn't the clench-jawed growl that had made him an action hero. It wasn't even Ryan. But it came from him. The anxious look he gave 'Sarge' as he touched the blood that matted his hair and clothes proved as much.

    Kowalski had seen... something. It didn't make sense. Certainly not the pre-dawn military exercise he'd thought it was when he began rousing everyone to see the white parachutes dotting the sky. Planes full of Spanish paratroopers would have been understandable. But Russian VDV troops leaping from planes that suddenly crumpled like tin cans in the air? And why had they been in NBC gear? Why had they shot half of the film crew, and chased the rest to the Almeria Solar Research Platform? Why did it look like Buddy and Mike had made it into the jeep, yet Voss arrived alone in the bloodstained vehicle? With their kit? The only thing that made sense was the burn he'd gotten from the barrel when Voss had chucked the MG42 prop up to him.

    What the hell just happened?
  2. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    OOC: I think the above more or less explains what happened, but I'd like to see what you can add by having your characters think back and remember, while reacting to the stuff that's happening in the plane about 2 hours after. IE make shit up.

    PC names are bolded; I liked this from the old shadowlands days, it really helps homing in on what's directed at your character. I plan to link things that might help to have virtual props of, like the AN24 plane, or the weapons in question, so I'll be editting the above when I get home.

    Game on.
  3. KittieKat
    "Hey, can I borrow your pistol?'

    Buddy looked so enthusiastic about it, boy-like in how much he wanted it, it cute but not in the endearing way most men are trying for when they bother to act that way. It was more like in the overly-annoying way a younger sibling can be. Still Anita found herself agreeing after a bit of pleading from him, her weapon, holster and everything else handed over.

    'Sure. Just don't shoot yourself in the foot, right?'

    Anita sits, staring at the web gear and the red that stains it, her expression slightly baffled. To say she's shocked would really be an understatement. She has some how managed to keep a level head throughout everything, perhaps evidence of how good she's at acting and a sign of all the bad girl roles she's taken in her short acting career. Whatever it is, she's simply sitting there.

    (OOC - not the best but I'll get better, I promise!)
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