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Running the Shadows of Portland

  1. TaiRei
    So, I'll get this started off with a greeting post :

    I'm 30, male, live in Beaverton and game regularly with some friends in downtown Portland on a weekly basis (when everyone's available).

    It would be great to get a Shadowrun group started, I know there are people who play this in Portland, I've probably seen some of you types out there at the local game shops.

    Check out my profile, msg me if you want my facebook info and let's see if we can't get a game started up!
  2. jade von delioch
    jade von delioch
    My name is Skull I'm 28 and I run 3rd edition shadowrun on the South east side of Portland. I tried out 4th edition after it first came out and disliked and stuck with 3rd edition.
  3. eros_wind
    Hello, I've not actually played shadowrun before but read many of the books and am an experienced gamer. The world is interesting and I've had my imagination captured by the concept of a Technomancer. Utilizing sprites in a pseudo-shamanic sort of way to deal with technology. Would such a concept work in your style of game?
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