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Shadowrun: Sweat and Bullets.

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  1. TheOneBigOne
    Friday Night Game post.
  2. Valthos
    Up to date character sheet:

    Prospectors Gang:

    Gang Numbers:
    12 (Including Rufus Rex)
    Gang Focus: Resistance against megacorps (Mainly Aztechnology)
    Initiation Ritual: Scarring of a Talon mark and a blood oath with my weapon focus
    Gang Uniform: Black and Yellow
    Gang Symbol: Crude two headed eagle
    Territory: 1 block (with the warehouse)
    Operations: Reselling drugs, random tolls, stripping cars
    Uniqueness: [On its way]

    Gangers Stats: (Rufus Rex has all at +1 and Professional Rating of 1)

    Body: 2
    Quickness: 2
    Strength: 3
    Charisma: 3
    Intelligence: 3
    Willpower: 3
    Essence: 6
    Reaction: 2.5

    Armed Combat: 4
    Etiquette (Street): 5
    Firearms: 3
    Bike: 3
    Unarmed Combat: 1

    Tiffany Needler
    Sniper Rfile
    2x LMGs

    Karma: 2 (Every multiple of 10 it raises something)
  3. chaoticjunk
  4. UndeadJack
    Self Initiate Rank 0
    magician - $36500

    body:4 Combat pool: 8
    quickness:4 Spell Pool: 6
    strength: 3 Karma 5
    charisma: 6 Init: 1d6+5x karma pool: 2
    willpower: 6
    Intelligence 6
    essence: 6
    magic: 6

    Centering: 1
    Spell Casting: 6
    Conjuring:6 Magic pool cannot be used
    Read English 4
    Drive Vehicle 4
    Ritual: 6
    firearms 4

    Knowledge Skills
    Corperate operations 5
    Computers 5
    Astral Knowledge (Elementals) - 5
    Astral Knowledge (Planes) - 5
    Street Knowledge 4
    Magical Theory 7

    Contacts: Magical Librarian (2) level 7
    Decker (2) level 2

    Heal 5 (F/2)(woundlevel)
    light ray 5 (F/2) + 1(D) : Damage Code S (Resist WP)
    levitate self 3 (F/2) + 1 (L) (Sustained) (target 4)
    fireball 5 (F/2+3)(D) Damage Code : S (AOE) (Resist WP)
    Cripple Limb 4 (F/2+2)D (Permanent) (Resist WP)
    Control Others Thoughts 4 (F/2)+2 (D) (Sustained) (Resist WP)

    Honda GM 3220 ZX Handling: 4/8 Speed 40/120 Body 2 Armor Sig:2 Apilot : 1
    Lined Coat (Conceal 8) Balastic 4 (Impact 2)
    form fiting body armor (Conceal 12) Balastic 2 (impact 0)

    Shotgun CMDT (Ammo Cap = 8) (Current Ammo = 48) SA/BF Damage = 9S.................(-1 to target number...laser sight)

    Thermographic Goggles 20X zoom
    deadjohnson pdf 1
    cred s

  5. Amakusa42
  6. Sha-Rijle
    Aoi Nakamura was born the daughter of a grocery store owner. Times had fallen hard on the owner and he was forced to borrow money from the Yakuza, he was able to pull himself out of the red but he was never able to earn off the interest of the loan, it grew too quickly. Annabelle Melisande is the name Aoi Nakamura took when she was offered up as payment to the Yakuza for debts owed, shamed as she was by such a disgrace she could not stomach the thought of her family name in such a place. As beautiful as she was she was sent to one of the Organization's many brothels. After several months she had sunken into a deep depression, one night, just before her shift started she tried to take her life. A razor in her hand shakily gripped over her left wrist she could not bring herself to do it, but she slipped, the razor cut the side of her arm and droplets of blood dripped over the tatami. Frustrated she gripped it and squeezed, trying to will away the pain, when she lifted her hand she found that the skin was pink and warm, unmarred by the razor. Surprised she attempted to do it again, she nicked her fingertip and squeezed it, but when she looked at it again, it was still bleeding. Bewildered she almost missed the bell announcing that they were about to open. She tried her best to make herself look presentable and headed downstairs. Over the next several months she discovered that she had magic, albeit small, she secretly stole away to the downtown libraries, searching for magical texts, using the small amount of money that she squirreled away she bought a single text, "Mysteries of the Arcane for Beginners" She made her way back to the brothel with such glee. It turned out that the magic came easy to her, as soon as she knew where to look. She found that the people around her were open books, reading them as easily as she read her Manual. Soon however she was discovered, she had taken to healing the bruises and bumps that the other girls got from their clients and one of them spoke to the boss of this brothel and he in turn brought it before his commander, all the way up the chain to a district leader of the Yakuza, Daryl Shotozumi. She was brought before him, Anna, in her brothel kimono without a chance to freshen her appearance came before the boss looking like a prostitute. He looked at her and he was transfixed, he spoke aloud in a surprisingly sweet voice "The family is always looking for talent, to find it in such a place is most surprising. How would you like to come and live with me?" Anna was taken aback, she thought she was brought her to be disciplined, maybe even killed. She stared at him with disbelieving eyes. She then searched her heart, if she came here she would become a tool, to be used by the Yakuza, but it would get her out of the whorehouse, away from the sweaty fat businessmen, from their exhausted breathing on her face. She couldn't go back home, she wasn't naive, her father knew what would happen to her when he gave her up. Her family would accept her but would always whisper behind her back look at her with sidelong glances, judge her, always judging her. She opened her mouth to speak, but she quickly closed it. Slowly...she nodded.

    She started her new life with Daryl, she would wake in the morning and be treated like a princess, she was washed, bathed, and fed by servants. She would join Daryl in the main room of his home and they would have long conversations, their topics ranging from the weather, to her abilities or even her family. She slowly grew comfortable around Daryl, learning from teachers he paid for and exploring the full possibilities of her magic. One day, almost a year to the date from the day she joined him he asked her to accompany him to the next assembly of the Seattle Yakuza Officers. They walked into the hall, a beautiful room, walls of lacquered wood and soft carpet. Lined with potted plants. Many of them spoke politely of business, their personal lives, their wives and so on the early part of the day was reserved for pleasantries, followed by a feast, and finally the meeting of the bosses. When short tables were brought out and the trenchers of delicious food, Fried Egg Rolls, Cooked Beef, Grilled Tofu, Chicken and Onion. Plate after heaping plate was brought out before each guest and they ate voraciously. Anna was about to take a bite out of her grilled tofu when she felt a sharp tug. She followed it, leading to one of the minor bosses, she attempted to glean his mind for information, puzzled as to why he felt such an intense emotion at the table. She caught the phrases "Thats right you tub of lard, eat that chicken, its the last thing you ever will." Her concentration snapped, she looked urgently to Daryl, she pulled the sleeve of his kimono, causing him to spill the chicken in his chopsticks, he looked over at her, slightly peeved but the look dissipated when he saw her face. She whispered in his ear "Someone's poisoned the Oyabun's grilled Chicken!" he immediately stood up, walked over to his brother and slapped the chopsticks out of his hand. Calling out loudly "It's Poisoned!" Soon the room was in an uproar, they called out to the kitchen staff who milled sheepishly into the hall. The Oyabun told one of them to eat his Grilled Chicken, the servant hesitantly walked up to the plate, picked a piece off of the plate and slowly placed it in his mouth. Soon, he was choking, foaming at the mouth, until moments later, he expired. The Oyabun turned to Daryl. "Thank you brother, you have saved my life today, but this brings up another question, how did you know it was poisoned?" He motioned at Anna, she very sheepishly walked over to Daryl's side, partially hiding behind him she bowed to the Oyabun. Daryl spoke "This is Anna, she seems to he a reader of sorts." The man hummed in response. "Hmm...So then, how did you come to the conclusion that the chicken had been poisoned?" Daryl, seeing Anna's reluctance said "Go on" softly in her ear. Anna then spoke of the man, who wanted the boss dead. They brought fourth the man, held him by his arms and forced him to his knees. The boss spoke in a very serious voice "Why do you do this? You are part of this family, why would you want to hurt it?" The man on his knees then spit at his feet, "You who have broken ties with the council back home, to our leaders, and would look to drive us to our end. You deserve to die" With a sigh the boss waved his hand. The man was taken away, a gunshot echoing in the distance.

    After that Daryl began to place more faith in Anna's abilities, she responded to the attention like a flower to sunlight. She quickly bloomed into a fine lady, maturing and growing more confident. Soon after the incident at the Assembly, Daryl asked Anna if she would join him in his bed. Anna, who had known nothing of men but of what she saw in the ugly people that forced themselves onto her was truly worried at Daryl's inattention in that aspect of their relationship. He had always been a kind hearted person towards her, caring for her in every which way he could but he had never shown her any interest in that way. Until now that is, their relationship bloomed and they quickly became lovers. Nearly 3 years since she had come to join Daryl and she had turned from a prostitute into a mage. Though she felt proud that she was able to protect Daryl and the Yakuza from unseen threats she had always had a longing, her powers hand never stretched their legs so to speak, she only used them behind closed doors, in training or the occasional need to protect from an assassin, but never in a true circumstance. She spoke of this to Daryl and he asked her to reconsider, telling her that she should wait a month, if she felt the same way at the end of the month, he would find a way for her to stretch her wings. The month came and went, and she was no less eager at the end of the month. He put her in touch with one of his contacts, a Mr. Johnson and he assured him that she would be given an easy run. And so Anna became a Shadowrunner.
  7. chaoticjunk
    Merry Xmas to one and all! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday
  8. Shaidar Haran
    Is this still running, and if so can I get in on the action?

    What do I need to put together?
  9. TheOneBigOne
    Yes the game is still running (although right now it is on holiday hiatus) I anticipate getting regular games going again in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Valthos
    Hey Shaidar Haran, happy new year. And happy new year to everyone else in the Escapists too.

    The game is still running and feel free to join us.
    Just think of a character concept for now, you can use the point-buy system of the Shadowrun companion of 3e (use skills of 2e and 3e though).
    And if we don't manage to get a game going this week, just drop any questions you have in here and all of us will try to answer them every now and then.

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