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impressing a girl

  1. Arcan
    I know I am probably spamming by posting this discussion. And, I have probably sent everyone in this group a pm or two by now, but I'm trying to impress a girl who likes D&D and hasn't been able to play for a while. I've got her and caddmus already singed on for a new 3.5 campaign starting on the 7th. We will be meeting at my house in Meridian at 6 pm. The plan is to meet everyone, choose a dm, roll up characters, and decide on a permanent day/time/place. As it stands right now, I have a campaign designed and am ready to dm, with an adventure already (mostly)prepared. If anyone is interested in joining us, post a reply and I can pm you my cell # so you can call me and i can give you directions if you get lost on teh way there.

    Important note: I have all the materials needed, but they are electronic copies.
  2. Arcan
    We now have 5 total confirmed players. We will be starting the first adventure this Friday. I will update occasionally on the progress of the campaign, etc.
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