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  1. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    lol did something happen? I was waiting for at least one post from I.J. before continuing, cause the thing I have in mind is big... Really big. ^^
  2. I. J. Thompson
    So's mine... having a really hard time finding the time as a result.

    I'll try to have one up today (but don't feel you have to wait for one)!
  3. I. J. Thompson
    Okay, I've finally got my post up!

    Also, I've added a little info to the Mull Station page of the Wiki, regarding any Imperial connections...
  4. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    Hooray for posting. :3 Now, I really hope Obar doesn't accept my proposition... Because I still have something up my sleeve. Muahahahahahah! I love foreshadowing. :P
  5. I. J. Thompson
    Ha, I don't imagine he will.

    Although, I was a little surprised to see any of Seema's people on his bridge... that's not really allowed. Though I guess they were dealt with fast enough!
  6. I. J. Thompson
    Man... I guess that 'new post' quick link on our main page is a 'go to last post' link, not a 'go to first NEW post' link. I just happened to scroll up after reading Meinos's post, and luckily noticed that you'd made a post as well, Corr!

    I'm gonna have to watch that...
  7. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    lol Yeah. It's a bit confusing, hn? Oh, well. Hopefully, Mir and I will be able to leave the station soon, only... Well, the destination I have in mind isn't exactly... Good. :P Muahahahahahah...
  8. I. J. Thompson
    Just please be sensitive to the fact that, after 2.5 years in the game, CorrTerek's going to be leaving us soon... and he's trying to wrap up a plot that Mir'isha is at the centre of.
  9. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    I noticed. We won't be leaving the sector, if that's what worries you. I'll just make it so that he just has to travel somewhere else after he gets the new ship instead of the Mull Station.
  10. Dawncaller
    Man that last post of mine took some doing. I did a first draft that involved a ridiculous visit to bathroom, and it just wasn't going anywhere. Hopefully this one makes more sense...
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