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  1. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    Publishing something? Good luck with that. I've managed to get something published myself, but it's what comes after that it's easy. Just a word of advice: aim for big publishing houses. The small ones tend to... Lull you. Too bad, though. You seem to be a good roleplayer. Well, at least, I hope your character goes out with a bang.
  2. Komaru
    Abysmally short post up, but since I won't be able to post until MAy's over, I just wanted to let everyone know what Proto's planning. He'll probably be installing the Library droid into the Archaeologist and figuring out what to do next.

    CorrTerek, I will be sad to see you go. Damon is one of the most well-written RP characters I have had the pleasure of reading about. Fair or not, he's sort of become the "face" of Tapestry to me, and I wish you the utmost luck with your publishing endeavors.
  3. I. J. Thompson
    You will be missed, Corr! You've been in the game since the very first day, and that's a lot of water under the bridge!

    This last arc of Damon's is going to be a blast...
  4. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    I.J., I was waiting for a post of yours before continuing. Otherwise, do I consider Jonn subdued?
  5. I. J. Thompson
    Yeah, I was expecting Inex and Mir to be brought before the Big Cheese in my next post.


    Don't feel the need to stick too closely to any sort of 'plan' - if it were absolutely essential to me that things go the way I've been thinking, then it's my job to get a post up in a timely manner! If I don't, then it's open-season. After all, one of the greatest things about this game is the curveballs we can throw at one another!
  6. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    That's great. No, because that's totally what I was looking towards to. :P I guess while I wait, Jason will watch a bit of the things he has downloaded. :P
  7. I. J. Thompson
    Okay, but don't wait on my account!
  8. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    Okey dokey. Will post tomorrow morning, though. Too tired... Same for me. Don't wait on my account. :P
  9. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    You will be missed Corr. I look forward to the showdown between Damon and Verik, which must be inevitably on the horizon however. . .
  10. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I believe this sums up my writing career: I have all sorts of wacky hijinks and fun things planned for Reil just ahead on the horizon, but I can't write myself off the Viper's damn boarding ramp. . . I'm neurotic about the strangest things.
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