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  1. Fingon
    Also Fingon, you are excused from apologizing, as you were clearly determined to make that first one count. :P
    Oh, hush
  2. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I'm super excited to see what you do for the next chat night Fingon. I can only imagine you're going to go for the brass ring and try and top yourself.
    Edit: Also, in re-reading some of my old posts, they become hilariously ironic, what with the second arrest and all. You know if I'd planned any of this, it would seem like good foreshadowing, but in my original draft Cali didn't get shot, and they just stole the ship. . .
  3. I. J. Thompson
    The plot thickens!
  4. Elvish_Jedi
    Ok, I've made some changes before I post. I've changed my character from an Inquisitor to a Emperor's Hand, and he probably won't be that focused on arcane Force mastery. His goal now is to find out what Tremayne is up to (in the case of Tam).
  5. I. J. Thompson
    Okay I've read your new first post, Elvish Jedi, and I'm sorry, but I have to wonder if maybe I and the other players weren't quite clear about how best to introduce oneself to the game.

    If you've read all of Tapestry as you say, you may remember a character called Koro Bolera, written by a player named Vash Knives. This player had a writing style quite like your own, and a penchant for creating characters with no discernible weaknesses and thrusting them into other players' stories, whether the other player was receptive to the intrusion or not. Vash would always do this without 'feeling out' the other players beforehand, and ultimately, made things quite miserable for everyone. I fear you could be heading down the same path (f you are not, in fact, Vash Knives yourself).

    Now, there's no 'rule' in Tapestry that says you can't involve yourself in another player's storyline. But, in the interests of good taste and a good time, there's a certain degree of sensitivity that must be observed. Will the other player be receptive to the situations you intend to bring into their story? Will it work, dramatically? These are the kinds of things you need to know - and most often, the only way to find out is to ask.

    Take Fiola, for instance. Again, if you've read all of Tapestry, you may recall that Fiola thinks that Tam Dawncaller (the love of her life) was tortured to death by Inquisitor Tremayne, and believes that she, herself is to blame? You may also have read that grief and despair drove her to the brink of suicide? I certainly remember. I grew so depressed writing that stuff that I had to leave the game for about nine months. But I came back - because I love the game, care about it, and I want to be a part of it. Similarly, Fi has come back, too. She's made new friends, she's getting her career back on track, she has an interesting mystery on her hands concerning one of the NPCs, and she's just about to get started playing alongside Gibson8088's character, Tach.

    If your character grabs her and starts pumping her for information about Tremayne and Tam... realistically, I can only see her becoming catatonic with grief, guilt, and despair. I've been there, man. I don't wanna go back. It's not fun for me, and this game should be fun for everyone. Plus, again, there's a 'trust' factor, here: you've communicated very little with the rest of us, and (if you're in fact not Vash Knives), I don't really know you yet - and that makes me very nervous about having my character's life ruined (again) by yours.

    These are my feelings, and I do hope you care about them (and every other players'). My advice? Write your own story for a while. Let us see that you've come to create a living, breathing character and that you've come to enjoy the game, not to dominate it. Show us that you'd like to help make the game great - not just for yourself, but for everyone.
  6. Elvish_Jedi
    Oh dear. I am quite sorry for this. No, I am not Vash Knives (and yes, I do remember him). I didn't know exactly how to start my character... and one of the things I like best about role playing games in the character-to-character interaction, which is why I angled my first post toward a possible encounter with another player. I completely understand your suspicion of me. I don't have very much time to post in the day, which is one of the reasons I haven't communicated much with the rest of the group. I had no intention of causing any problems, and I apologize again for any trouble. Is there some way you could delete my previous post and let my try again? If you don't want me in the game, just say so; I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. Thank you for putting up with me.
  7. I. J. Thompson
    Actually, I owe you an apology. Ever since Vash Knives' repeated antics, I've become really protective of the game, and suspicious of new players who appear to want to force the other players to bend to their will. I guess I could be jumping at shadows, because you haven't necessarily proven yourself to be one of those people.

    I'll delete the post as you've requested, but I should say that there's nothing intrinsically 'wrong' with your character. It's just that, when it comes to interacting with other characters, you should make sure that the other player is cool with what you're thinking of doing. This isn't to say that you need to 'pre-write' the whole story, but a quick PM to the effect of "Hey, I'm thinking of having my character come question Fi about Tam and Tremayne. What do you think?" would do the trick nicely. Everybody has time in the day for that. And after a couple months of posting, we'll all know each other well enough that you probably won't even need to take that extra step anymore.

    So once again, my apologies, and I hope you'll still get to enjoy the game!
  8. Elvish_Jedi

    Ok, Ice Hawk and Fingon have sent me Pms to help me out. I will certainly be more careful (as I should have been in the first place). As I said, I understand where you are coming from, and I'll try to contribute to the story in a positive way from now on. And again, thank you for putting up with me.
  9. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    So who likes pie? I like pie.
  10. I. J. Thompson
    Pumpkin, please! (with coffee - gotta have the coffee)

    On another note, I just visited Tapestry's 'birthplace', new developments there! Sadly, it's not accepting my old password (as I remember it), so I can't log in and show my support.
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