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  1. JohnGWolf
    My the fourth be with you, Happy Star Wars day.
  2. Dawncaller
    I'd post for us, Corr, but I'm in the middle of finals and will not even be disposed to write anything else until maybe Friday...
  3. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    It would seem we have a new addition. Welcome Harriers Wake.
  4. Harriers Wake
    Thank you for the welcome, I hope I did everything right. I've never done one of these before haha.
  5. JohnGWolf
    Welcome Harriers.
  6. I. J. Thompson
    Welcome, Harriers Wake, and great first post!

    Also, just out of curiosity, did you find us here on P&PG, or follow us here from another site?
  7. Harriers Wake
    Thank you, I wanted to start with a bang!

    And yes, I forget how but i found a link to the old swrpg location, where I found a link to the wotc forums, where I found a link here. It was quite the interesting journey, in a fairly amusing way haha. There were a few close calls but I made it. ;-)
  8. Harriers Wake
    Oh and for the record, my three fave pizza toppings are pepperoni, chorizo and jalapeno. Does tapatio count as a topping...? If so lose the jalapeno, replace with tapatio. Lots of it.
  9. I. J. Thompson
    Hey, obidancer's here now - good to see you again, man!

    And for the record, probably bacon, fresh tomato and feta. :P
  10. Harriers Wake
    Bacon... awesome. Bacon and feta... epic. ;-)
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