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  1. I. J. Thompson
    That thing is pretty neat!

    By the way, did you guys all get your 'we're moving' broadcast messages on the Wizards' boards?
  2. JohnGWolf
    A Quandary???
    Question removed for lack of answer or input.
  3. JohnGWolf
    Haven't been there as of late.
    Checked did not see anything in my box.
  4. JohnGWolf
    Umm, a simple question, I know there is no specific date as to the time line here, so would it be safe to say, that since this is the rebellion era, and you started in 2007, that for wiki sake, Shynite arrives on Ryloth in 3ABY? I am trying to figure a basic chronology for her. I have a rough idea as to her creation date and the events of point leading up to current, just need a base year. This would also give me an exact age for Shynite.
  5. I. J. Thompson
    Actually, although we've been playing for 2.5 years, the time elapsed in-universe is no more than six months... and probably more like half that!
  6. JohnGWolf
    Kool works for me.
  7. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Hey all, I'm here at last. I would have posted sooner but I was in a car accident on monday while moving back home from Sudbury. Everything's fine, mostly, but the car was totalled, so I've been up to my ears in insurance stuff. I might not be able to start posting just yet, but I didn't want you thinking you'd lost me in the move.
  8. I. J. Thompson
    Holy moly, man - I'm glad you're alright!

    Rest up, bro. We'll be here.
  9. CorrTerek
    Well, guys, I have to admit I've got an interesting case of writer's block going on right now -- I'm sure there are plenty of ways things could play out from where Damon and Tam are at the moment, but I can't seem to think of any of them. I want to post, but I just can't seem to summon the creativity required at the moment.

    Anyone else having the same problem?
  10. JohnGWolf
    Some times I find that if I just start writing, I find a flow or start to visualize what is going on, in truth I never know where I'm going I just let it go where ever it wants to go. I don't know if that will be much help. Cheers.
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