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  1. Gunhaven
    Hey guys, I just joined this site and thought this looked interesting. Read the FAQ, Player's Guide, and Writing Guide but still a bit paranoid about just jumping in. Y'all have any need for a psycopathic wookie, perhaps in a city somewhere killing random people?
  2. I. J. Thompson
    Welcome Gunhaven!

    The galaxy's a big place, and any kind of character can fit (well, except for omnipotent demi-gods, who would ruin the fun for everybody, and are distinctly un-Star Wars). I take it you've got a villain in mind? That's great, because there tend to be fewer villain players, and they can really spice things up. I'd just take a look at your character and ask yourself, "would this character fit into a Star Wars film, or is he 'too much'?".

    Hope to see you posting!
  3. Fingon
    GAH! I missed it! I HATE YOU, REAL LIFE!!!
    Don't you hate it when that happens?

    And Gunhaven, welcome! This game is usually mostly story driven, but feel free to hop in! Get a few friends if you'd like, even. Perhaps you'd like to post a short bio of what you're thinking and we can work him in, or you can go ahead and start your own story arc. However you'd like it!
  4. Gunhaven
    I was going to base it off of Hanharr with some modifications. I was thinking of something simple like taken as a slave from Kashyyyk and managing to escape in a city, I hear Theed is nice this time of year but really any will do. I could then live in the alleys and kill Imperials/Humans as often as possible until they leave my territory. Perhaps take it a step further and think of the alleys as Kashyyyk (treating pipes as limbs for example) and the humans as predators to be killed in order to protect his territory.
    So, escaped Wookie slave that lives in the alleys of some city that has a twisted view on reality. I can always expand on it if y'all want more detail, this is just something that I thought of off the top of my head.
  5. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Hye guys, sorry for the radio silence, I'm finishing up the semester, so I should be bringing you more tales from the farm planet soon. . ..
  6. Gunhaven
    Gonna keep being paranoid about messing up the flow of things, hehe. Anyways, I was thinking of Jynton as the location where I'll be (since all large cities will end up developing an underground movement and since it's an Imperial city then there should be plenty of slaves to recruit/free/find, if past experiences are any indication of the Imperial's policies). I was thinking my name would be Gaarworr, former slave of an Imperial Lieutenant (name pending, if anyone has someone they want included feel free to tell me, it'll probably be blank otherwise) before I killed him and escaped to the underground. Now I kill any humans that enter the area that the escaped slaves tell me about/I notice on my own. For convenience sake I'll translate what we all say into Basic but in reality it would be a combination of alien languages to help represent the diverse nature of the area he lives in.
    Sound good with y'all?
  7. I. J. Thompson
    That sounds good to me! At first, I got the impression you were thinking of playing some sort of serial killer, which would be, shall we say... pretty un-Star Wars.

    But that sounds like an interesting situation you're cooking up!
  8. Gunhaven
    There we go, tell me if I need to change anything. I'll probably introduce a Rodian that's his buddy unless someone else whats to do something. And serial killers have happened. :P
  9. Fingon
    It's just that serial killers make for pretty short lived role-playing

    By the way, what planet are you on? And what is it near to?
  10. Gunhaven
    I'm in Jynton on Rothana, killing humans that decide to come into my Territory and helping out aliens that are most likely escaped slaves like myself.
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