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  1. Dawncaller
    I must say, I.J., you picked a good cliffhanger to make the switch at.

    I'm still trying to get a feel for this place, as well as tackle three more final papers for school, so don't expect anything that daring from me for about another week.
  2. I. J. Thompson
    I must say, I.J., you picked a good cliffhanger to make the switch at.
    I saw your post and thought, "that's the one to go out on!"

    Good luck with those three papers... I don't envy you! I'm gonna wait until each of the 'veterans' has made at least one IC post before I put an ad in the Campaign Invitations forum, but don't let that pressure you... smartz is mar impertint! :P

    Oh, and JohnGWolf, great first post! I don't know why I didn't even mention, though... we're totally writing the game in the past tense ('Bob walked into the room and sat down", as opposed to "Bob walks into the room and sits down"). It's just something we decided to keep uniform among all posts, so that the threads can be read like a book, without too much strain on the brain. Would you mind editing your post to make those changes? Sorry to have to ask.

    Hmm... makes me think a thread about our 'writing conventions' might be in order...
  3. Dawncaller
    Yes. Include the strange balance of control over other characters and limited POV as well: that we can write what another PC does, just not what they're thinking as they do it. Just in case it isn't clear for any newcomers...
  4. I. J. Thompson
    Oh yes, I hadn't even thought about that part. I'll have to have a good think on it, and make sure everything's covered...
  5. JohnGWolf
    Oh ok I will see what I can do.
  6. JohnGWolf
    Ok fixed I do believe.
  7. CorrTerek
    Yes, a very good cliffhanger indeed. I'm going to make a renewed effort to get some posts out -- I have so many projects (that I, granted, took on myself) that are competing for my attention right now.

    Incidently, if any of you are familiar with both the Kingdom Hearts game series and DnD 3.5, I could probably use your help.
  8. I. J. Thompson
    Ooh, I don't know anything about either of those... though my son could probably help with the Kingdom Hearts!

    By the way, I deleted a redundant Discussion I'd made early on called 'All the links you'll need', but it still shows in the list of Discussions (albeit as a deleted one). Is everybody else seeing it there, at the end of the list, or can only I see it since I'm the Mod?
  9. JohnGWolf
    I don't see it.
    Must just be you. lol
  10. JohnGWolf
    Ok the Coruscant Cascader is posted on the wiki, and a picture to go with it. Enjoy.
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