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  1. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    What's that? Contrasting personalities causing wacky hijinks and sarcastic dialouge? Why no, I would never do such a thing. . .
  2. valdaran
    So, once upon a time when the world was young (read, about three years ago) I got in on the ground floor of a new kind of game by the name of tapestry where I played Tey Spires with the HoloNet screen name of Darth_Vader2005. At some point I found myself without internet access for an extended period of time, and when I came back it seemed the story had moved on waaaay too far for me to catch up, and I found I had little time to post anyway, so I faded away, and, somewhat inconsiderately in hindsight, without really letting anyone know. (imagine, if you will, some kind of melancholy violin music in the background while reading the last bit)

    Thinking back on it recently I realised that Tapestry was one of the best games I've ever played, on or offline. So, like the prodigal son I'm seeking forgiveness and reconciliation

    So, two questions really:
    Can you find it in your collective hearts to forgive me?
    And what happened to Tey after I left? Did someone have the sense to put a blaster bolt through his paranoid head yet?

    I'm off now to read what's happened since then
  3. CorrTerek
    He parted with us relatively recently, all things considered, having been last seen on Rothana, I believe. Good to have you back!
  4. I. J. Thompson
    Holy moly Tey, I mean Darth_Vader2005, I mean valdaran, it's fantastic to hear from you again! (I was a little worried, actually!).

    Forgiveness? Pffffff!

    Excitement! Elation!

    And the best part is, we bid Tey a fond farewell on Rothana, so you have the freedom to make up absolutely anything that may have happened in the meantime! If you haven't already done so, download the pdf of Volume II... the last post involving Tey is on page 152 (well, technically page 157, but that one's just a short memory).

    Totally awesome to have you back, man.


    [EDIT: oh also, I can't remember if the Wiki was up and running when you left, but it's right here!]
  5. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Sweet merciful Nartis, You're not dead! I mean. . . Yeah. I totally knew you we're coming back. Never doubted it for a second. It's good to see you Darth. Unfortunatly, I can't use my home PC right now, since during the move, I left my monitor's power cable back at my parents place. It'll be mailed up soon, and I'll try to post from the university in the mean time, but there's a bunch of angry striking med students terrorizing the campus. I'll be back.
  6. valdaran
    I decided to have a quick re-read of what's happened so far from the beginning before I post anything, and I'm halfway through Volume II at the moment, so I reckon my first new post will be sometime late this week.
  7. I. J. Thompson

    By the way, yours is the first long-running character to have been written out, and then returned. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. Offended? Pleased with how it was handled? Disappointed Tey wasn't turned into a villain and pursued across the galaxy?

    Also, Corr, your inbox is full! I tried to send you a message (not a really important one, but still...)
  8. CorrTerek
    I've cleaned it out now! Thought I'd done so earlier, but apparently not. Feel free to re-send.

    Also, Angry Striking Med Students sounds like a band.
  9. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    They chant a bit, but otherwise produce very little appreciable music. . .
  10. Dawncaller
    I've been inordinately absent of late, due in large part to the ridiculous amount of attention this semester's start is demanding. But I'm carving a slice out of my 12 hours of schoolwork to poke in and say I'm not dead.

    And I'm delighted to see valaran! Can't wait to see what you'll bring to the table now that you're back! I'm hoping to come up with some new stuff once I'm settled in.
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