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  1. mnemenoi
    I assume this is where I should make my introductions, if not I apologize. I have done something very similar before and liked it, but just did not mesh with the players and was interested in giving it another go. I have ST'ed Star Wars for years and handled innumerable Old WoD and Realms boards (one on here, Dwarf Hold of Uerythtar). Looking forward to joining aboard and seeing what mischief I can stir up. I suppose the character is a bit of a 'bad guy', though he has an interesting angle.

    I'll be running an Ubese Hunter, looking for employ with the Corporate Sector Authority. I'll need to read back over the threads and see exactly how I'll shift him into a plot/thread, but I'm fairly creative.

    Looking forward to the game and seeing where he ends up. I'll hold his first post until I get a response from the group admin just to be certain its all kosher.

    (Now to figure out exactly how to work on Wiki....)

    If you need any reference material I'd be happy to supply some links to my work.
  2. Ridley
    welcome to the group you should have fun these guys are cool and understandable. I joined the group not so long ago and it's been nice
  3. mnemenoi
    I think I managed to at least post up a Wiki for him, hopefully I did that correctly...
  4. I. J. Thompson
    mnemenoi! Sorry for the silence, and welcome to the group!

    I've been crazy busy, and so haven't been able to read your Wiki entries just yet. But you don't need my (or anyone's) permission to start posting, so jump on in! (although you will probably want to read the 'Writing Guidelines' thread here, so that you're on the same page as everyone else).

    Welcome, and enjoy!
  5. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I'm alive, I just got caught up in the wonders of gainful employment. That's over now though, so look to hear from me soon.
  6. I. J. Thompson
    Easy come, easy go, huh?
  7. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Easy? You call that easy? Well yes, yes it was. . .
  8. CorrTerek
    ...Did I just see a Nickelback reference in your latest post, Ice Hawk, or am I going blind?
  9. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    It's actually an Elton John song that nickleback covered, but good eye anyhow Corr.
  10. I. J. Thompson
    I might've known Zealos's dad would be a stodgy old stick-in-the-mud! Great post!
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