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  1. I. J. Thompson
    in fact this character's path is meant to be laid out by what the other characters do to or for him.
    You're totally on the right track with this, Ridley. If we all just collectively planned what we were going to do, and then did it, the game would be pretty... darn...... dull.

    But this is a special case with Damon and Mir, 'cause if we shanghai Corr's characters too much, he'll be stuck in the game for longer than Real Life will allow!
  2. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Hey all. I'm healing up well, but I'm going out of town for the week. I'll be back to posting as soon as I get home.
  3. Meinos Kaen
    Meinos Kaen
    ... No, seriously. Tell me what you'd like to happen with the chase, at least. ^^' That way I can limit what I do. I don't dare post because I don't want to **** up your end-game arc.
  4. Ridley
    Same here.
  5. CorrTerek
    The only thing I really want to happen right now is for Ghull's people to successfully deliver her to him. Damon and Verik's fight I can handle on my own. So Ridley, your character is already working towards what I'd like to happen anyway. And Meinos, to me this seems to be a good time to show us some of what Jason's capable of. Throw some obstacles in Cassus and Naveena's way as they try to get back to their shuttle, if that appeals to you.

    That's how we usually handle player versus player in Tapestry -- if you feel like doing a bit of reading, try going back and looking through the archives. Specifically the whole Damon vs Inex Jonn thing we had going back in the early part of Volume III (right before we moved to this board). Or, if you want to go farther back, the Burista incident in Volume I has several of us going head-to-head with an Imperial colonel played by another character.

    ...If it helps, think of this as being like the chase scene in the Empire Strikes Back, where Leia, Lando and Chewie are desperately trying to stop Boba Fett and get Han back.

    I'd like to reiterate what IJ said earlier, too -- Tapestry doesn't normally work this way, and normally I'd be more than happy to go in whatever direction the other players take things. I just can't be in Tapestry too much longer, and if I don't wrap things up now I may not get the chance. And I've spent so much time with Damon and Mir that it's hard to think of just abruptly cutting their story off.
  6. Komaru
    Heyo, long time, no post. I've been following things up until now, but I think Proto will be taking some time out of the story to go be awesome elsewhere and hopefully come back in a few months when I have fresh new ideas.
  7. CorrTerek
    Hey, sorry for the long absence, guys. I work for a BBQ restaurant, and the whole time period surrounding July 4th is kind of a busy time for us. Thankfully that's behind us now, and I can hopefully resume a better posting schedule.
  8. I. J. Thompson
    Fwa... hum... ah... hmm... yeah. Make a post like that, and then apologize?

    Yeah, uh... don't let it happen again!
  9. I. J. Thompson
    Ooh, interesting stuff there, Ice!

    Man, I gotta make a post. But it's just... so... hot!
  10. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I know what you mean, this heat is oppressive.
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