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General Discussion

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  1. I. J. Thompson
    In the mood for a chat, but don't feel that your topic rates its own Discussion? Whether it's general out-of-character chit chat, the Meaning of Life, or your top three favourite pizza toppings, this is the place to talk about it!

    If you have a specific question, comment, or concern about Tapestry itself, it's best to start your own Discussion thread. It'll get more attention, and other interested parties (who may have the same question, comment, or concern) can read it and comment, as well.
  2. JohnGWolf
    Chello, I am here. Let me know when your ready for me. lol.
    Facebook is a great way to reach me. John GoldenWolf.
  3. I. J. Thompson
    Good to see you had a safe trip, John!

    I've just opened the 'newer' Volume III thread here, so any time's a good time!
  4. JohnGWolf
    Where or what planet, city are they in or at? and I'll drop a line in and get her set.
  5. I. J. Thompson
    Many of the characters are on the planet Owara. I'd recommend reading back a few pages of posts in this thread. But: only if you want to join other players right away! That's definitely not a necessity, and it's often better to bang out some 'solo' posts to establish your character, so that you and the other players can get a feel for him/her. Characters tend to come together and split apart pretty organically, and 'grouping up' is not a requirement (in fact, in many cases, it can slow things down!). Tapestry allows you to put your character in the kind of story that you'd like her to be a part of - and riding along on someone else's narrative can sometimes run contrary to that!

    After reading back a little, you'll know if you want Shynite to be on Owara, or somewhere else entirely...
  6. JohnGWolf
    I have had a story, or the concept of one, where as Shynite is accepted into a swoop gang called the Knights.
    It seemed a fitting hitch, for her and her speederbike, Rhainnon. I thought of a way to have her introduced, having an Out-Law Tech Chadra-Fan named, Caleb. Being a member of the gang, take an intrest in the well crafted droid, Shynite, and start to following her around as she finds herself on Ryloth, away from her Master for the first time.
    What do you think, do-able???
    Let me know if I would need to do a write up for Caleb and submit it, and if he would there fore be an NPC ? Kind of seen him as a side-kick and link to the Swoop Gang. Toss me back some Ideas or thought s you mat have.
  7. I. J. Thompson
    Man, that is deadly! I say do it. Plus, since we've just joined a new site, there'll be other new players looking for a place to jump in... and a swoop gang on Ryloth would be a great place!

    Also, I love that illustration of Caleb.
  8. JohnGWolf
    Kool it's a go then, I will set up to night and put up a good starting post. Might be a bit long.
    Do I put it in Tap III, or Should it be its own story? Just wondering I don't want to pull away from the current story that has developed, it is well defined and would not wish to disrupt the flow.
    Oh and should I do the write up for Caleb and submit him where? There or Here?
  9. I. J. Thompson
    Sorry, I didn't see the edit to your original post.

    Absolutely place your tale in the Volume III thread - 'disrupting the flow' is not a factor. The in-character thread is like a television show, that 'cuts' from one group to the next. As players read what's going on around their own character, they'll be able to read what's going on in your neck of the woods as well, and may decide to head your way.

    As for Caleb, you'll want to write him up as an NPC, in the Wiki. Any info you can provide (along with that great illustration) will provide food for thought for the others!
  10. JohnGWolf
    Kool a little unsure as to where the NPC area is but I'll look tonight.
    And it sounds great I have my work cut out for me tonight then. Lmao
    I will try to get this all done by morning if I can.
    And thanks for the opportunity to spin this tale. I would very much like to see Shynite become a cannon character in the Star Wars galaxy, and if this proves to be an interesting enough story, someone may take notice. Who knows I have seen it happen with other peoples characters, and I think Shynite may be worthy or at least an interesting enough character that it could maybe happen. Lmoa, ok I'm a dreamer. Lmao.
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