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4ed D&D Looking for All You Awesome Players Out There (Beaverton/Hillsboro)

  1. Doc4
    Greetings Portland!

    Our regular sci-fi/Doctor Who role-playing group is expanding its
    horizons into the realm of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. We are a
    group of guys and gals around 30 years of age who play in the
    Beaverton/Hillsboro area who emphasize good company and fun games.

    Take a look at our gritty science-fiction site Polera for an idea of how
    we handle our role-playing games at

    For a peek at all the board games we enjoy and pictures of us all
    getting our geek on, take a look at our Portland Gamers Facebook page at

    We are looking for one more player or possibly two if we find a couple
    of you out there that we cannot resist. Sociable people who are great to
    get along with are what we are after. If you enjoy supporting your
    fellow players, saying "Yes!" often, and getting into a fun
    story then drop us a line. Previous experience with Dungeons and Dragons
    is not required. In fact, no experience is preferred. However, previous
    experience at being honest and having a fun attitude is mandatory!
    Dependable, non-smoking folk are the ones we're after.

    If you like to squabble about rules, tell other people how to play, keep
    to yourself, focus on where your cubicle is at work and why someone
    keeps taking your stapler, collect all the source books to build the
    ultimate character, or think that stats define your character instead of
    background and personality then we are not the group for you. Feel free
    to pass on by and happy gaming.

    I am GM with over 25 years of experience in dozens and dozens of game
    systems. The order of importance for us is Fun then Story then Campaign
    and finally Rules. We currently play our Polera game described above and
    dabble a bit in the new Doctor Who role-playing game, but all spots for
    these games are taken at the moment. We will be playing 4ed D&D every other Sunday
    from 5pm to around 10pm starting in a few weeks.

    So send word if you are interested or tell a friend who might just want
    to drop by. Leave an email here or at

    Happy gaming!

    Tom / Doc4
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