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NPC Gallery

  1. Tiefling
    I will be posting little bio tidbits on major NPC's here.
  2. Tiefling
    The Rat Catcher
    The mysterious rat catcher was first encountered at the Polearm's Peak in Whispermyst. Then again in the old grave yard north of Whispermyst. He agreed to lead Max and Galen to the goblin camp in exchange for help recovering a stolen silver pendant. A sacred memento that belonged to his father. Cedric Baldricson was quite unerved by this plan, after identifying the rat catcher as a tiefling, but reluctantly followed the others lead.
    The rat catcher was later introduced as Cairn. During the battle with Glurchna, hobgoblin witch who was leader of the goblinoid raids, he was turned to stone, along with Cedric, by her imp familiar Q'dozil.
  3. Tiefling
    Baldric Villickson
    A caravan master and merchant, our heroes have been traveling with his caravan for months now. He is a fair hard working man who has been changed little by his wealth. He has many children though only his youngest son Cedric is traveling with him now.
  4. Tiefling
    Jager Sloshbottom
    Local drunk in Whispermyst, this crazy old man frequents the Polearm's Peak every night, and many a morning. Rumor has it that he was once an adventurer who saw somthing so terrible he now lives to forget.
  5. Tiefling
    Gareth "Threefingers" Brewster
    The owner and barkeep of the Polearm's Peak, he is a gruff suspicious man who was once a sergent at arms in Whispermyst. He now runs the only tavern in Whispermyst with his wife Anne.
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