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Between Good and Evil Act I

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  1. Helel
    Between Good and Evil
    Act I
    “People desire to separate their worlds into polarities of dark and light, ugly and beautiful, good and evil, right and wrong, inside and outside. Polarities serve us in our learning and growth, but as souls we are all.”

    What is good and evil? The moral compass that is said to be instilled in us throughout our lives. If this is true, could there not be such things as good and evil only that which is acceptable and non-acceptable by society. So good in one area may be evil another and vice versa. We are flawed beings as humans, whether it is by good we are flawed or by evil. Classifying it is pointless. We are everything there is yet we seem like we are nothing. We are contradictions and constantly making more contradictions. So is there a good and evil or is it all a large gray area. Is there truly a defined line. What about using evil for good or good for evil. What happens to the line then?

    So is the adventure our players must undertake. Life goes on in routine ways. You are no different. Well you were no different. But then you were awakened. The fates seem to have a tale that you must partake in. So begins our journey. Your eyes flutter open to a shaking light which wakes you from your stupor.

    Stanley Blackwood: The bad doctor that tries to turn his life around. Most people would call you a saint and born again. While you may be reborn, do truly believe you can become a new man. Do the drunk nights still calm you down? Do you still regret everything? And can you justify your actions of messing with Death. As you awaken, the local surroundings come into view. First thing you notice is that your in some sort of old, rotting, and possibly abandoned hotel bathroom. Rotting floor tiles give away to show dirt and natural concrete. Why you are here you cannot remember the last couple of days are coming up as a blank. The next thing you notice is that you are sitting in an empty tub. The tub is quite large enough to fit you inside, the side are chipping off. You also noticed you are chained to the tub and naked. The realization hits you what is going on. You don't remember were you are and your chained naked into a tub. Seems to you like one of those kidnappings for prostitution rings you hear about every once in a while. The chain looks old yet most likely strong, it runs and wraps around the bottom support of the tub. As you look around you notice another person.

    Steven Baker: Another person that has been reborn. You were killed and now your back but not without having a share of the nightmarish world that lies behind the veil. But you dared to open the veil and keep it open, the nightmares flowing out. It probably would of been better if you kept it close, ignorance is bliss as they say. But you are like a child who after he peeks at his Christmas presents decides to keep on looking and studying them. As you awaken, the surrounding comes into view. A hanging light bulb with it's chain dangles overhead giving the only light in the room. This bathroom were are you, the last nights seeming like a blur or a bad hangover. Your back is to a wall, the wallpaper peeling off onto the floor.You look around to see a tub across the room. The man is chained inside to it naked. You yourself are still fully clothed and are chained to the wall. It seems both of you are having the same problem.

    As both of you notice on one another, there is cards on each one of your foreheads. They seem to be tarot cards, the one on Stanley's head seems to be the Emperor tarot card. While the one on Steve's head as seen by Stanley is the Sun in reverse.

  2. Cubanfrog

    I breath deep and lean to the wall of my glassy prison.. "What the **** I'm doing here..." I whisper, as I see the another person across the room. "A kid... Hopefully he knows what the **** is going on." I think and shout "Hey kid! Do you have any idea what's going on?" I see the tarot card in his forehead "Sun..." I think... "And what the heck should that mean..."
  3. TaiRei
    Steven squints at the tarot card on Stanley's head and feels at the one on his forehead.

    "Uhm....What the bloody...?"

    He takes the card off his forehead and looks at it.

    "Brilliant, this is like one of them....oh what do you call it, horror flicks?"

    Steven shakes his head to clear out the grogginess.

    "Oi, you in the tub, what's your name? I'm Steven Baker. And, no, I don't remember much from the last couple of nights....Damn, I like the drinks mate, but not this much."

    Steven tests the chain, pulling on it and examining it in detail.

    (Would like to make a check on seeing if I know what the two tarot cards mean. Also, are both our hands chained, or just one?)
  4. Cubanfrog

    "Darn headache.." I think, "What the hell I have drinked.. Can't be the whiskey, I've drunk it for 2 years and no memorylosses" Then I realize that the kid's talking to me.. "Stanley.. Stanley Blackwood. Looks like we're trapped here like two laboratory rats" I grin a little bit.

    (For now on, I write everything I say without italic, and everything I think, in italic)
  5. TaiRei
    Steven smirks, "Bloody hell, is that what we are, then? Bollocks that."

    Steven focuses on his chains. Let's find out what these are made of, shall we?

    * Roll for Discern Composition on the chains. Matter+Gnosis *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    04-11-2010 07:17 AM
    Roll for Discern Composition on the chains. Matter+Gnosis: 3d10 (1,7,3 = 11)
  6. Cubanfrog

    I look as steve concentrates to casting a spell. "What? Are you a mage too?" "This could mean something". I watch the chain that's linked to my neck (or feet, I dunno :P) and try to cast decay to it (It's my rote and vulgar so my paradox check is rolled with -1, so a chance roll then. And if GM would be so nice, do I roll Stamina+intimidation+death+ 1 because it's my rote? (6 dice))

    (I suppose I can see he's tries to cast a spell, if not so, ignore this post)

    And dice rolls.
    * Cubanfrog rolls some dice *

    Spell "Decay"
    * Cubanfrog rolls some dice *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    04-11-2010 07:36 AM
    Cubanfrog rolls some dice: 1d10 (5)
    Cubanfrog rolls some dice: 6d10 (6,5,3,1,2,4 = 21)
  7. TaiRei
    (You should be able to notice my nimbus when I cast, plus we're on the same path so you've probably got advantage there as do I.)

    "Yeah. Are you? This might have something to do with what ever bollocks is going on here."

    Steven shakes his head.

    "Ugh, still a bit groggy, mate. Can't make heads or tails of the chain. I'll try again, in a sec."

    Steven furrows his brow in concentration again.

    * Discern Composition. Matter+Gnosis *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    04-11-2010 09:51 AM
    Discern Composition. Matter+Gnosis: 3d10 (2,5,6 = 13)
  8. Helel
    Steven Baker
    As you focus your mind in seeing the composition of such chains. You can see while there chains and made to hold, they have been rotting for a while and perhaps it might be a matter of strength or decaying to break it. Although the exact power needed and such are unclear to you at this time.

    (Wait for me when you roll, I can't be on every second. Yes you can roll Occult+Intelligence to determine the meaning of the card. Since the spell is covert Stanley wouldn't be able to notice.)

    Stanley Blackwood
    As you try to corrode and decay the chains, you feel the magic working it. However there is no changes at all, but you do feel that the universe has taken pity on you and are glad nothing wrong came about it.

    (Chains on Stanley are located on his left foot, while the chains on Steven are on his right wrist.)

    Difficulty is 7.
    Paradox goes up one die everytime you use a vulgar spell. Also yes for your rote you would use death.
  9. TaiRei
    Steven thinks for a moment. Hmmm, now what did that Grimoire say about these tarot cards?

    * Occult+Intelligence for Tarot *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    04-11-2010 10:16 AM
    Occult+Intelligence for Tarot: 6d10 (6,9,8,8,1,3 = 35)
  10. Helel
    Introduction for Simon Bradshaw

    Simon Bradshaw
    You have been awakened through painful and emotional turmoil. The death of the girl drove you to your awakening and your revenge. Some would call your path just, others would call it not justifiable. But in your own action you decided not to let anyone else fall like the girl. Which in truth death is natural. You seek justice and in a sense that is what you'll become justice. As you awaken you find yourself tied down by chains across your chest. You are somewhere dark and only a crack of light seems to see you. Your inside some sort of container. A wardrobe, as you feel the cramped spaces. You are bound to the back of it. Kicking it open, your inside a hotel room. A bedroom, the bathroom is were the light is coming from. A female is chained to the bedposts, lying there, possibly dead. A bag is fitted over her head, so you can't see her face or determine her identity. You feel something on your forehead a card of some sort. The card is a tarot card Justice.
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