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House Games

  1. TaiRei
    Hey Portland! My group plays a home brew setting called House Games that's a mashup of Call of Cthulhu horror and WoD rulesets. We tend to follow the Mage : The Ascension model for many things(Healing, Damage, etc). It's a modern setting like the World of Darkness.

    Player characters are known as high rollers and are offered missions to go on by the Harbingers who work for the Powers that Be (Godlike beings that like to mess with the lower races). Be advised : this game tends to have a significant mortality rate so don't become too attached to your High Roller. The GM's of the group tend to hot potato the GM duties so any given week you can have a different personality in charge for the night.

    Check out the wiki :

    If you think this setting's for you, or would like to give it a try for one night; let me know either through PM for email!

    Games are in a mission based format, so if you have to miss a session, no big deal, you're not missing out on the campaign at all.

    Also message me if you have any questions.
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