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[Character] Donnie Weider, aka "Specialist Herz"

  1. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    This thread will be on the development of Donnie Weider. As a utility role, he's the driver. As a character, he's an uncouth cameraman and general handyman, able to curse with the best of them in English and Spanish. Belching and nose-picking are common pass-times. Since he's an NPC and a new player could easily take his place, this writeup is pretty brief. I'm sure he'll develop in play though if nobody wants to take him.
  2. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    "Specialist Herz" aka Donnie Weider

    Awareness (AWA) : 6
    Coordination (CDN): 8
    Fitness (FIT) : 6
    Muscle (MUS) : 8
    Cognition (COG) : 8
    Education (EDU) : 6
    Personality (PER) : 4
    Resolve (RES) : 6
    Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA): 4
    Coolness Under Fire (CUF): 3

    "Donald grew up in the suburbs of San Diego. His dad made a living in a garage and tow business, and Donnie helped out when he wasn't helping himself working on hot rods."
    9+COG=17 Skill Points
    Language: English: 6* (3 points)
    Language: Spanish: 4* (2 points)
    Mechanics: 3
    Driving/Heavy: 3 (6 points)
    Construction: 3

    PHASE 1: Trade School AGE: 18-20
    "Spurred on by movies like Fast and the Furious, Death Race, and so on, and sick of traditional schooling, Donnie took what looked like the quick way out and went to a trade school for film production."
    2+COG=10 Skill Points
    Artisan: Videography: 5
    Artisan: Television Broadcast Equipment: 3
    Electronics: 2
    2 Personal Points
    Mechanics: +2 (5)

    PHASE 2: Industrial Labor AGE: 20-24
    "Unfortunately for young Donald, the unsteady economy lead to the bankruptcy of his father's business. This would have spelt disaster for Donnie's film career, except that it takes more to get into the industry than simply attending a school. Don Weider worked several jobs during this time frame, primarily at the local television station and doing construction. There were brief freelance film jobs in this period as well."
    14 Skill Points
    Construction: +4 (7)
    Mechanics/Machinist (3 points)
    Driving/Tracked (3 points)
    Artisan: Videography: +1 (6)
    Special Equipment: Television Broadcast Equipment: +3 (6)
    6 Personal Points
    Driving: +2 (5)
    Artisan: Videography: +2 (8)
    Special Equipment: Television Broadcast Equipment: +2 (8)

    PHASE 3: Slacking AGE: 24-26
    "For two years jobs were few and far between as industry folded. Donnie spent a lot more time looking for work than actually doing any, just barely able to keep his camera skills fresh. Eventually, in the summer of 20whatever, Donnie Weider finally made his break right when the world itself broke."
    4 Skill Points
    Mechanics: +2 (7)
    Driving: +2 (7)
    4 Personal Points:
    Driving: +1 (8)
    Mechanics: +1 (8)
    Persuasion: 2

    Language: English: 6 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Language: Spanish: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Mechanics/Machinist: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Driving/Heavy/Tracked: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Construction: 7 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Artisan: Videography: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Special Equipment: Television Broadcast Equipment: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Electronics: 2 (Novice, 1d20)
    Persuasion: 2 (Novice, 1d20)
  3. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Other derived values (hit capacities, SP's, build, etc) will come soon. The above is how I'd like to see character building posted, with a rundown of each phase and how many points are spent in what. IM me or something if you need help.
  4. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Contacts: Donnie gets his Personality score (4) in Contacts, +1 for each full decade of age (2, he's not 30 yet), for a total of 6. With a CUF of 3, he can't have any Reinforcement contacts. I'll give him 4 Service contacts--he was in the tradeskills, he'd know people skilled in various things--1 Information contact (maybe someone for broadcast trade magazine) and 1 Trade contact (probably whoever he bought weed from). Note that while I've said who they might be, they are not concrete at this point. For each Contact, I roll a d20 and check the table on p.96 for their quality, taking them in order for the 4 Service, then the 1 Information, and the last roll being for the Trade contact. The rolls are 13 (Experienced), 20! (Elite), 7, 7, 8, and 6 (all Regular). This pretty much ends up looking like you'd expect.


    4 Service (1 Experienced, 1 Elite, 2 Regular)
    1 Information (Regular)
    1 Trade (Regular)
  5. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Survival Points: 8

    This is really straightforward, it's based on age and looked up on a table. They're your typical Character/Fate/etc points. In the straight game it's limited what they can do; in this, I'm going to say they're your Plot Points. Note that you're spending one in your post, and you can fiat whatever you want to happen, be, etc.
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