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Meet the Coterie

  1. SolidusPrime
    This discussion is for quick overviews of the party members. No need to describe any major details, or even your clan or anything if you dont WANT. Just maybe what you would look like if we met you on the road. The way you act, the way you talk. Just a brief introduction is all that is required, but put as much as you like. Keep it to one post.
  2. Alpha_R0x0r
    My character's name is Muhammad. Muhammad isn't seen without his long black cloak and loose dark clothing. His face is mostly hidden as he walks around with his hood up on his cloak. Muhammad moves through a crowd as if he was the only person walking on the street. Nothing seems to slow him down as he walks around the city. Muhammad always looks around every few steps as if expecting someone to be following him.

    Background for Player Knowledge
    Muhammad was on an assassination contract the night he was changed. His target was a spy for the French Army in Tyre named Jean-Pierre. Muhammad had cornered the man in an alleyway. However Jean was aware that Muhammad was tailing him and was ready for him when he turned the corner. Muhammad was beaten and stabbed several times by the Frenchman while Abdul-Ba'ith was observing the whole encounter. After Jean left Abdul took Muhammad to to be embraced to help exterminate, locate and steal for the Assamite. The Assamites trained up Muhammad for the next 5 years to be the best spy/assassin he could. Muhammad was out one night to kill another vampire. After sneaking up on the vampire he killed and diablerized him making him have the power of an 11th Gen Vampire. However Muhammad had several vicious nightmares after his kill. Muhammad wanted to leave but he knew that the Assamite's would kill him for it. After another year of training Muhammad sneaked away one night while on a contract. Muhammad still blames himself for not being better at what he did for he might not have fallen to this curse if he had defeated Jean. Muhammad is now moving across Europe to find Jean again and is currently living in Paris.
  3. Trihn
    My characters name is Sara DiFirenze. Without being short she is petite. If you were to look at her while walking you might be a little startled by how gracefully she moves about a room... that is if you could take your eyes of her body long enough to look. She has Jet black hair that ripples like water and feels like silk. and her already pale complexion has gained in undeath a surreal sheen that can draw gasps from most crowds. She exudes a palpable aura of seduction and temptation that you could cut with a knife. She is perhaps the perfect social butterfly amazing and entrancing men and women alike with warm words that sooth their souls and striking looks that melt their loins. You know instinctively that being with this woman would be almost criminally sinful but almost all get the impression that it would be worth it. She does not appear wealthy or well socially established however and can frequently be seen flirting with men or women for some sort of temporary gain. She currently resides in Florence.
  4. whitefox
    In a world of filth, disease, and poverty, Daniel stands as a hope against that. Daniel is an avid learner and brilliant practitioner of medicine; he seeks to spread the knowledge of medicine and travels for that reason. Daniel stands out as an ordinary man, 5'9, about a 150 lbs, and unusually, in clean clothes, usually sporting a white coat, pants, and a backpack that contains a few books. Having traveled for quite some time, Daniel has learned several languages and is quite knowledgeable about things that the common person has no care for; such as art, history, and literature. His use of medicine has gained him some measure of wealth and a slave, a beautiful woman given to him as a gift named Cecila. However Daniel is not entirely altruistic, he always demands a price for his services rendered, for both the rich and the poor, and the promise must be made before he renders his medical expertise. This can range from money, to property, people, or favors, the requests are seemingly random. However, the poor have always seemed grateful afterward. Daniel is originally from England, but travels constantly to learn more about medicine and other worldly knowledge. He has been to Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and other parts of the Ottoman Empire. (A good image of Daniel is Dr. Who's David Tennant
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