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Information Thread

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  1. Helel
    Character Creation

    Character creation can be done normally on a PDF file or text if you need to. Or it can be done and stored here at

    This is a nice character sheet blank that just let you select the dots and stuff and stores it nicely. You need to register and make an account but it's worth it. You can just post the view link here and I can have a look at it. I request you post all your character sheets here and such.


    Alright, to get this posting thing settled. I'll start a discussion as your story teller. You basically RP and your posts as such. Say what actions your doing as well as roll with them. I will tell you if they failed. When doing something start to take the action and I will finish it based on the roll. You have three days unless you have a reason that is told to post. If not we'll skip you and count you as just standing there. Failing to post alot gets you kicked out.
  2. TaiRei
    Here's the link to my character sheet :
  3. Cubanfrog
    Hi all! Here's link to my character!
  4. TaiRei
    Hey CF, did you select your rotes yet? It doesn't look like you've chosen them, just the Arcana. You get 6 rotes from your Order I believe.
  5. Helel
    It's only 3 Rotes and bonuses to rote casting. If any of you have more than three, adjust accordingly.
  6. TaiRei
    Six dots in Rotes, sorry. Me silly. But 3 works. I've adjusted.
  7. Cubanfrog
    Wow, our chars have lots of same things :P
  8. Cubanfrog
    Hey TaiRei, Doesn't this campaign base to London?
  9. TaiRei
    We ended up in London somehow and we don't know why. Doesn't mean my sanctum has to be here. I just have to fly back when we're done. My Tass will be collecting whilst I'm away. W00t!

    Having two Moros mages isn't a bad thing, though I could pick another path.
  10. Cubanfrog
    No, you don't need to change your path.
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