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Wisconsin residents looking for players post here.

  1. dutchyjin
    Just put your online handle/name, sex,location, games you play or want to play and any history as far as games played/exp/ any helpfull info.

    example: Wrath,male,webster WI, play D@D, MAGIC card game and have played for about 5 years and am looking for a GM. cheers!
  2. Pk1305
    PK - Male Gamer. Milwaukee but willing to do some reasonable travel. Love Shadowrun, Exalted, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 1st or 3rd editions, Talislanta. Been playing for bit more than 20 years. I know players but no GMs. Hit me up if you want to run something for a few good gamers.
  3. dwblum
    dwblum, male. Owen. Looking to play or GM, been playing/gming for almost 20 years. Looking for D&D 3.5, willing to travel up to 50 miles.
  4. MonsterMike
    MonsterMike: Male near Eau Claire. I like to play Tunnels & Trolls, CoC, and Gamma World. Willing to play anything. 5 years of DM experience as a teenager in AD&D, then a long break from gaming. Now getting back into it. I like to play or GM, generally prefer short campaigns and one-shots. I'll be running a game of Tunnels and Trolls at Con of the North on Feb. 20.
  5. bigbillfromwaukesha
    bigbillfromwaukesha, male, Waukesha. Looking for a group in or around Waukesha. Please private message or preferably email me from my profile.

  6. gnarley
    Josh is my name. Male, from the Oshkosh area. I am currently looking for DnD, Battletech or WoD...old school. No 3.5 or 4th ed for me thanks. I am looking to beef up my DnD group by a few or join another. By the way, the wife is an amazing player as well. Thanks
  7. Baxbunny007
    Any one interested in playing on Thursday nights in West Allis? The group I have been running is down to three and we are looking for new players. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Our group is mixed both men and women. We have been playing from 6 PM to store close. A new campain starts in about a week. The game is a Basic system called Edge of Darkness. It feels of the old Ravenloff campains but takes place in the modern world and a D&D Grayhawk game settings. (usually it stays D&D Settings)
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