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The story so far . . .

  1. Tiefling
    This is where the story synopsis will be posted after each session, for easy recaps.
  2. Tiefling
    Galen and Max have been traveling with a caravan through Cheliax.The caravan set out from Falcon's Hollow in Andoran and has stuck close to the main rivers bringing horses and silk to trade in Westcrown. The caravan, lead by teamster Baldric Villickson with his son Cedric, followed west along the Falconeres River toward the Trades Gate Gorge a well known pass in the northern Aspodell Mountains. The caravan continued westward along the River Keld, hoping to hire ferries at Senara to take them along the Iseld to the Inner Sea.
    Along the Keld, however, the caravan was ambushed by goblin's who captured some caravan guards and forced the caravan to take refuge in the town of Whispermyst's stockade.
    Galen and Max, along with Max's badger companion Edgar, decided to take dinner in the Polearm's Peak, a sort of private pub for the Whispermyst militia.
    While there, they encountered Gareth "three fingers" the bar keep, and Jager, a local loudmouth and drunk.
    They also encountered the mysterious rat catcher, whom, rumors said, lived in an old cemetary north in the Whisperwood off an old deer trail.
    As Galen and Max pondered this curiosity, Baldric came in, recovered from the goblin sleep poison he had been exposed to during the raid, and anounced that a rescue party should go looking for his lost men. Galen and Max, believing that if any one knows the whereabouts of the goblins camp, the rat catcher of Whisperwood would. They volunteered to investigate, and set out that night with Cedric Baldricson.
    Following the old trail the delve deep into whisperwood, finding the old cemetary and the nameless rat catcher, a tiefling with an unusual glowing arcane tattoo. He agrees to lead them to the goblin camp if the promise to help him retrieve a silver pendant they stole, a momento from his father.
    Cedric feeling uncomfortable dealing with the man grudgingly agrees, prompted by Max and Galen.
    The tiefling then dons well made armor and collects cruel looking weapons in preparation to raid the goblin camp with Max, Galen, and the unerved Cedric.
  3. Tiefling
    As our heroes traveled the rat catcher, who introduced himself as Cairn, were led along a deer trail winding about. They encountered some strange animals that skittered into the night. Cedric claimed they had the taint of evil in them and shuddered to think what infernal influence had spawned them. Once they reached a river, Cairn said it was just the Keld they had followed earlier on their journey. Cairn suggested the rest by the river then as the goblins, he claimed, didn't come this close the water as wolves had hunting grounds here. This sounded reasonable to Max and Galen, as Max knew goblins hate and fear dogs, why not wolves. Cedric still had reservations about the tiefling, however, and decided to stay up and keep watch with Cairn. During the night early hours of morning Cairn announced he needed to relieve himself and sauntered into the woods. Cedric listened carefully, aware of the tieflings movement in the bushes, waited for him to return. After a few minutes he was satisfied that Cairn wasn't up to anything, until he saw one of Cairns dogs come out from the direction the tiefling had left. He realized he'd been duped a second before he felt the dagger scratch the back of his neck, a second before he heard the tiefling say, "Sorry it has to be this way, but I can't have you screwing up my plan.". A second before he could cry out to Max and Galen they were betrayed, the world spun and his eyes went dark.
    Cedric, Max, and Galen woke to the slapping of water against a shallow bottom boat. They were bound and gagged in the bottom. Anger flared in their eyes as they saw Cairn was guiding the boat further down river. He had his hood up over his head but still squinted in the morning light. He saw they were awake soon enough and said, "You know it's better this way? I mean you would’ve done what? Charged into a war camp with 300 warrior? Be quicker you had just stepped into the hangman's noose." After about half the day had passed before the traitorous tiefling ground the cramped boat onto the river bank. He pulled a small whistle from his belt pouch and blew a shrill note, after a few minutes some goblins sprung from the bushes chattering in their language. Cairn called out, "Hurry up you scab eared scum, get a cart. You think I'll carry Glurchna's slaves in myself?", Cairn winked at Cedric.
    As they were carted into the war camp, goblins cheered and jeered as Cairn lead in the boar pulled cart. They stopped in the middle of the grass huts and a massive bugbear picked up Galen and Max in each his massive paws to the direction of a hideous hobgoblin sow. Cairn and the hobgoblin haggled over price in goblin while the bugbear came and retrieved Cedric to a wooden hut by the central sacrificial stone circle.
    That evening the goblins had a celebratory bacchanal of drunken revelry, the drums playing into the night. The party seemed to wind down early, then our heroes heard Cairn speaking to the guards indistinctly. There was the clear glug as the guards drank some grog. The first fell almost immediately, snoring soundly. The second began to cry out groggily, but was interrupted as the clay jug broke over his skull.
    Cairn crept into the hut soundlessly, motioning to be silent. "Most the tribe is sleeping," he whispered, "can't take their own poison." He cut their bonds and said, "Your weapons are under the hut wait here."
    He returned a minute later, if they didn’t hurry, Zurk, Glurchna’s personal body guard, would awaken while they were freeing the caravan men. Suddenly a shriek pierced the night. Glurchna was awake. Cairn took Cedric to hold off the raging witch, while Max and Galen went from hut to hut freeing their bound friends.
    As Max and Galen came to a large hut near the edge of the village. They had awakened Zurk. A rough battle ensued between the druid and his wizard friend against the massive bugbear.
    Meanwhile Cairn and Cedric found problems of there own ass Glurchna was not alone. Crank, chief hunter, of the clan was with her.
    As Max and Galen finished off the hulking bugbear, they turned to see Cairn snatch a silver pendant off Glurchna, his short sword thrust deep in her belly. Cedric had the unconscious Crank under his arm. She managed to gasp one word before she died. Q’dozil. Max and Galen watched, relief giving way to panic, as they saw Cairn arc backward in pain his face contorted in anguish. The saw an imp materialize from the air, perched on his shoulder, it’s tail dripping with the tieflings blood. Cedric swung with his scimitar, but the tiny devil bound to the witches body then into the air jus out of reach. “I must thank you, little brother, for freeing me.” it said in the common tongue, “My mortal mistress was becoming tiresome. Now I think will leave you to her last gift.” He said it while producing a small stone. “Oh but don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll meet again.” the imp laughed, “Probably on my plane next time.” With that the imp threw down the stone into their midst, it cracked on a stone column spewing grey clouds of gas.
    Max and Galen saw Cedric and Cairn turn to grey stone before they fled into the night.
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