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RPGs in San Francisco?

  1. Chris H
    I'm surprised by how dead the Bay Area is in terms of RPG activity, what with all the freaks and nerds around here. Post here if you're interested in doing a meetup or getting some games going.
  2. dygitalmystik
    I have been in the south bay area for a few months now and haven't had any luck finding a group either. I'm kinda surprised by this considering how many people live here.
  3. spider21b
    i agree
  4. Yohan Redde
    Im down here in monterey bay, would be willing to do some PbP games, as school-wife-kids type situations keep me pretty busy.
  5. seanpp
    I would offer that there's actually a ton of gaming in the Bay's a matter of getting plugged-in.

    First of all, I'm looking for guest players to play once in a while in my Dark Heresy campaign (bi-weekly Sundays) in San Francisco - see my nearby Bay Area Roleplayers post.

    More generally, Pen & Paper is my favorite big dedicated Game/Player matching site, but there are other good sources. Meet-Up facilitates all sorts of gaming groups around the area. Connect with your local gaming store; GameScape in SF has all sorts of stuff going on. EndGame of Oakland also always has all sorts of gaming going on.

    Hit some of the local gaming conventions throughout the year; there are no less than four solid ones here in the Bay Area, and there's more in Sacramento. You'll meet gamers and therefore gaming groups. On the front page of my campaign's website I maintain a list of local gaming events:

    Good luck & ping me if anyone's interested in playing Dark Heresy once in a while on Sundays
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