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Great Game and easy for online gaming

  1. Lass
    I just recently ended an Online game of MnM set in the Marvel Civil War world. Went great and was a ton of fun. I wish more people were playing this.
  2. Marley117
    Well we are trying to start a group now. Would you like to get in on it? Bushido has offered to GM a game.
  3. Lass
    Yeah I definately would if it fits my schedule. Is it a voice game or chat based? What sorta theme mood? I guess Im just full of questions LOL.
  4. Marley117
    Well it is over chat here, and it is thursday nights
    It is a darker themed game from what I can see...think Watchmen...with more super.
  5. RathsFury
    Is your game still looking for more players myself and a few friends are looking for a group but we're new to the game so none of us is versed enough to GM yet.
  6. MisterBook
    Hello, is this group still active?
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