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Rogue Trader

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  1. TheOneBigOne
    The riches and excitement of the Void call to thee.
  2. TheOneBigOne
  3. Kozsey
    Rok Backstory.

    Comes from a Death World. His homeworld is called NU-67. It is a harsh planet that is largely covered in rainforest. The amount of hostile lifeforms on the planet are numerous and varied. They range from giant creatures that can swallow a man whole to the smallest insect whose venemous sting can kill most men. The only human life on the planet are scattered settlements that are surrounded by large makeshift fences that range from material like wooden poles to eletric fences (if you were lucky enough to have imperial intrest). The native citizens to the planet are the decendants of past mass colonization attempts that failed due to the hostile environment. The people of the planet have gone through some changes since thier initial colonization. Their frames have become bigger giving them more strength. The wierdest evolution is the fact that they have developed long monky-like articulate tails. The societies on the planet are varied but they all have a couple of things in common. The most important thing is cooperation and survival. From a young age a child is taught to survive but more importantly to help his community survive. When the child is old enough he is taught how to hunt. Hunting is very important, it is a good way to aquire reasources but is also important to keep dangerous species populations from growing and endangering the settlement. The hunters have a very short period of basic training (about 1 week if not pressed for time) then all future learning is hands on. The teachers are the hunters that were furtunate enough to actually survive long enough to become vetrans. It is very rare for a hunter to reach retirement. They usually die young in the forests. But in the larger settlements some hunters are recruited into the imperial guard. The majority of the recruits are young hunters because the vetran hunters are kept to help future hunters (much to the dismay of some recruiters).

    Rok was one of those hunters. When he was young his father was slain, so he was given his father's rifle and sword (The hunting rifle and sword he still carries to this day) and added to the hunt to help boilster the hunters low ranks (was 10 at the time). He quickly learned that when everything wants you dead the only thing you can count on is your comrads (especially the ones you have survived countless hunts with). When a recruiter for the imperial guard came looking for soilders to fill his quota Rok was one of the hunters selected (15 years old). Rok had never been offworld before. He also has not seen too many regular humans outside of the occasional recruiter or trader. He found that the military was different than the hunting parties he was used to. The leaders were of all different ranks which confused Rok who is used to only Older hunters who advised, And a lot of them were more concerned to complete "objectives" than the lives of thier own men. Rok was used to his hunting partners dying but not on this scale. He was also alarmed to the fact that some of his "comrades" would run away when he needed them most (rarely did hunters abandon thier partners and usually only in extreme situations). Even with these adversities he continued to polish his skills and become stonger. Even though he became stronger with all the fighting he was still unprepared for the campaign against chaos on the planet Oman V. His leaders had underestimated the strength of the heretics and found themseles overwhelmed. What was thought as a simple gathering of heretics turned out to be a sizable force of chaos troops and deamons. Even with his harsh upbrining fighitng some of the galaxies toughest predators he was ill-prepared for the horrors of the warp. He witnessed starships explode, cities burn and his company wiped out. He was lucky to survive but recieved a vertical scar that runs over his left eye.

    22 years old Stands at 6' 6". He has a large frame supported by muscles built by years of hard fighting. Dirty Blonde, Blue eyes, vertical scar over left eye (acquired fighting against chaos). Dresses like a normal guardsman, except for his tail that he wraps around his waist like a belt. (Does not keep it tucked in)
  4. Obliterati
  5. Gregora
    Character History for Seneschal Atellus Gratis
    Born on the remote Hive world of Balan to the Noble House Gratis , Atellus Gratis is the son of the upstart Kaltos Gratis son of Barak Gratis. Balan is a well kept secret of many of the richest and most powerful men in the galaxy who use it as a place to keep their illegitimate children out of the public eye by placing them in a place of wealth and relative power to keep them quite in a remote sector, in charge of all the factories on the planet. The bastard children who rule the planet have none of the skill or grace of their lineage and the running of the planets affairs reflect it. Food shortages were common and production was pitiful.
    It was in this environment that a young factory drone named Barak made a discovery that would change the course of not only his life but the course of his entire lineage. What he found was a piece of ancient technology on the planet; it was a small pod with a yellow crystal throbbing with a gentle light inside. Upon investigation which he conducted carefully lest he alert the greedy lords of the planet using the computers aboard ships that docked on the planet to take the goods off the planet he was able to piece enough information together to discover what he had found was some sort of power core to an ancient ship. Now that he knew to some extent what he had Barak used encoded messages to probe for interested buyers, it wasn’t long before a private collector named Magnus showed up in the largest most luxuries ship Barak had ever seen. Its construction was one that Barak had never seen before; it didn’t quite look completely alien but not human either. The material of the ship was a reflective silver metal that looked perfectly polished even after the trip through the warp and open space it had just taken. Magnus himself was a tall man standing at 6’ 5” with slicked back black hair, with just the tiniest of grey streaks on his left side. He wore cloths of fine silks and carried in a holster on his side an ancient archotech pistol. His personal guard were all clad in what appeared to be modified space marine outfits all of which had the same symbol a star with a ship resembling Magnus’s running through the middle.
    The “nobles” of the planet couldn’t understand what such a rich and obviously powerful man like Magnus was doing on their planet and when he refused to speak with them calling them “blind worms destined to writhe in their filth forever ” they took great offense and were only prevented from attacking this “arrogant fool” by the arrival of his personal “guard” which consisted of at least a dozen heavily armed warships all of which had the same insignia as the ground troops and also were modified versions of Imperial ships. When Magnus met with Barak upon the well furnished lounge of his captains’ deck the inspection of the power source showed that it had only the tiniest spark of power left in it, not enough left to power a child’s toy. However due to the value it had as an artifact Magnus still offered a king’s ransom of 10,000,000 Thrones for it, Barak refused the offer saying he would take not a sovereign over 250,000 thrones. While confused by this Magnus eagerly accepted the offer and soon left the system with his ships and his new artifact never to be seen or heard from on Balan again.
    It turned out that Barak was wise in not taking such a vast sum of money for it wasn’t an hour after Magnus left that the nobles used their personal forces to raid the workers quarters looking for any large amounts of money, Barak was able to convince the guards that anything that collector would have come for would have been worth far more than what he had. Finding nothing the nobles had no one to punish for the way Magnus had treated them, so to show their strength they began to press those immediately below them, factory owners port foremen ect, for not being able to identify the culprit. It was during this time when Barak made his first move towards power, he bought out one of the factory owners being pushed the hardest and then used what little he had left to buy into a partnership at one of the smallest ports on the planet. While he continued to “support” the noble rulers of the planet by making his factory one of the most efficient of the planet and increasing their exports, and his tithes to the noble houses he also used this increased efficiency to smuggle out goods and sell them himself keeping all the profits.
    For the next fifteen years this activity continued and during that time he found a wife and had a son, Kaltos. He also slowly bought out other factories and managed to obtain full ownership of all ports and freight/cargo ships on the planet using fake names and puppet companies. He was using his vast resources to make himself wealthier but also used this money to end the famine and disease on Balan by secretly funding the colonization of the moon Balan Luna minor for agricultural purposes making him a whispered hero of the people. Growing up Kaltos always thought his father was the only man who was truly powerful or just on Balan. He was intelligent enough to see the corruption and ineptitude of the current rulers and urged his father from a young age to rise up and seize power to which Barak always replied “not today my son, perhaps tomorrow or next week.” It became a game in the Gratis house to pester Barak about becoming a ruler. Kaltos set to work at a young age forging relationships with the captains who frequented the planet as well as many of the workers in the factories. Soon Kaltos had a web of informants and close friends whom he could rely on in times of need.
    When Kaltos was 26 he used his connections to arrange a marriage between himself and the daughter of Quiara of the noble house Jermal. A year after the marriage the Garius family made a bid to be named a noble house using the new connection to the house Jermal to validate their claim. While it was opposed by almost all of the noble houses on Balan they couldn’t do much to stop Kaltos or Barak because they had usurped enough power on the planet to be more than a match for any noble on the planet. So the house Gratis was named a noble house of Balan and gained all the privileges that includes. By the birth of Atellus the Gratis house owned to one degree or another about eighty percent of the planets industry and had a small force of mercenaries to serve as guards and security. Atellus spent his childhood learning the ways of business from both family and private tutors. By the time he was 14 he had mastered the business of Balan and managed four factories and a port by himself. While the advantages of his birth were obvious the pitfalls existed as well. Atellus was prone to feelings of superiority over those who worked for him and flaunted some of his money by partying and carrying on using the family ships to go cause havoc on Balan Luna minor including sleeping with many of the local girls making him a renowned “trouble maker” on the farms. Kaltos was concerned that his son’s behavior would put the whole family at risk so he had guards escort him and force him home before he made a fool of himself. Atellus was a naturally gifted child and helped his family increase output by 45% finally bringing Balan to a point where it was slightly above par with other Hive planets of its size. Three years later just days after Atellus turned 17 Barak passed away under questionable circumstances; it was at this time when Kaltos became certain that the other noble families had woken up to the depths of the Gratis control on the planet and he knew something must be done. Kaltos hired more mercenaries and ordered a new fleet built so that the Gratis house could finally gain complete control of Balan. He used his superior military might to force the other houses into compliance with the house Gratis.
    For the next two years the nobles never moved against the Gratis house and they again began to feel some safety. It was at this point Attelus fell in love with a girl named Octia the daughter of one of the noble rulers named Nikola. Atellus and Octia began a formal courtship and for about six months things seemed very well. It was at this point Nikola and Kaltos began to speak of the two getting married. The arrangements were made very quickly, the wedding was scheduled and it was declared a holiday on Balan, however during the ceremony Nikola moved on the Gratis house quickly and quietly taking control of their fleet and bribing large sums of their troops to switch sides. Kaltos and Atellus remained unaware of the betrayal of their troops while Atellus and Octia went on a honeymoon trip aboard a luxury ship in low orbit around Balan. It was during their first night together when Octia tried to assassinate Atellus using a knife she had hidden away in her dress and had the entire crew on her side ready to back her up. Atellus was able to overpower her and save himself by slinking through the ventilation system and getting on to an escape pod. Once he returned to the surface he found his house had been destroyed the guards Kaltos had relied upon to protect him had turned their weapons on him and killed him for a few thrones. Nikola and his family were now in control of all of the Gratis family assets. Atellus managed to hide among a close family friend named Thalos who helped manage one of the Gratis’ docks. He hid on the planet for three weeks while the noble families scoured the streets for him. Once they decided he was dead or already gone they loosened their grip and Atellus was able to stow away on a small merchant vessel until he got to a space port where he began to look for work as a seneschal, his past making him well suited for the task. While he sought out work he also began to form his plans for vengeance in his head, he planned to rain death upon those who destroyed his family and take the destiny they had stolen from him. While his mind whirred away his heart continued to break, for he had truly loved Octia and her betrayal stung him to the core.
    Physical description: about 6’ tall with dark black feathered hair and a permanent smirk he radiates superiority. He wears xenomesh armor under what were once extravagant robes bearing his noble symbol they’re now faded and have had the family insignia ripped out of them. He suffers from extreme bouts of paranoia and has revealed little about himself to those aboard the ship. All he will tell others is that he is part of a noble family that has fallen from grace.
  6. castlereagh
    If Lieutenant Krähe doesn’t comport himself like a hero, it is probably because he can’t remember that he is one, or was one. Krähe was born on Krieg, where he was as likely to have been spat out of a vitae-womb as to have known a real mother. A peculiar convergence of fortune and fate has kept Maximiliaan alive thus far. Thanks to an emergence of various aptitudes while he was still a youth, Krähe was assigned to a siege regiment, an incrementally less suicidal assignment than the infantry of Krieg.

    It needn’t be mentioned that Krähe did all that was asked of him without noticeable hesitation. As casualties mounted throughout the tireless campaigns in which he served, Krähe was the recipient of a series of field promotions. It was not so much the case that Krähe stood out from his fellow guardsmen, but that he remained the only one standing at all after the fog of war had cleared. After some few years in the service, he was the junior officer in command of a battery of earthshakers.

    Krähe’s career first came to stand out from those of his fellow guardsmen when he was assigned to combat a cult uprising in the segmentum tempestus. The siege took a turn for the worst when a daemonic presence emerged. Around that time, Krähe was knocked unconscious by a concussion he sustained when an artillery piece exploded near him. As regiments from Krieg make scarcely any use of medicae, his subordinates assumed the worst, and left him there.

    In the hours Krähe lay incapacitated, the lines of battle were redrawn, and he awoke to find himself perilously situated at what had become the frontlines. A massive Daemon loomed nearby, making a mess of the infantrymen who hopelessly stood at its feet. Stranded as he was, Krähe took action alone, leveling the barrel of an abandoned earthshaker and firing into the coal black heart of the hideous spawn at point blank range.

    Krähe’s action was a cause for celebration, even within the dour ranks of the Death Korps; what’s more, it was witnessed by agents if the Inquisition. Consequently, Krähe was conscripted into the retinue of Sturmvoraus Strahl, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus. Scarcely anything is known about the subsequent years of his life, or about the circumstances under which he left the service of the inquisition. What is known is that they returned him roughly as they had found him, to the silent anonymity of the Death Korps of Krieg.

    Krähe has no recollection of his own extraordinary life. He has become hardly distinguishable from the soldiers around him, just another pale face behind a gas mask with blonde hair beneath a plasteel helmet. Generations of militancy and eugenics have made it effortless for him to fit in, superficially at least. Privately, Maximiliaan feels an acute otherness, a sense of desperate isolation.

    Maximiliaan is not an unusually brave man. A combination of fatalism, apathy and habit enables him to hold his ground when his life is in peril. He has been able, thus far, to sidle or duck away from most harm, but as his regiment’s strength dwindles, his talent and luck are strained ever further. In the meantime, Krähe has developed an obsessive fixation with the emperor’s tarot. He has his destiny read as frequently as he possibly can.
  7. Kozsey
    Rok Character information.

    Weapon Skill - 48
    Ballistic Skill - 54
    Strength - 45
    Toughness - 47
    Agility - 40
    Intelligence - 32
    Perception - 35
    Willpower - 33
    Followship - 25
    Path: Death World, Scavanger, Tainted (articulate tail), Hand of War, Endurance
    Skill: common Lore(War)(Int), Dodge(agi), INtimidate(S), Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialist)(int), secret Tongue(military)(int), speak language(Low Gothic)(Int), Medicae(Int)
    Talent: Basic weapon training(universal), Pistol weapon training(universal), melee weapon training(universal), thrown weapon training(universal), sound constitution, quick draw, ambidextrous, Awareness, Leapup
    Gear: Best-craftmanship hunting rifle, Sword w/mono upgrade, micro-bead, voidsuit, enforcer light carapace armor, bolt shell keepsake, medkit, manacles, arms coffer. Unknown gift from witch hunter (double imperial headed eagle device), Laspistol (common), LasRifle Elision pattern (good quality) w/ red dot and melee attachment, back pack, knife, drop harness, autogun w/melee, stub automatic,
    Trait: Resistance (poison), Resistance (Fear), Phobia of forbiden Text, Hates chaos

    Wounds: 19 Fate: 3 points Insanity: 4 Corruption: 1

    Total experiance: 2350Total spent: 2300

    4793 thrones
  8. castlereagh
  9. castlereagh
    I wrote Krähe's history without really knowing how he'd be fit into the story. Now that I know how he's been worked in, I feel it's time for some...

    Supplemental backstory
    "Warum fragst du where I habe been? I know zu little um where I am being now."
    Maximiliaan Krähe to Seneschal Atellus Gratis of the dauntless.

    Maximiliaan's final deployment, after resuming his service in the imperial guard, was to an agri-world known as Murgatroyd XIV. Several Krieg companies, consisting mostly of remnants of the 50th Armoured as well as the 12th and 42nd infantry, had been deployed to combat Gue'vesa forces inhabiting the planet.

    The occupation proved to be untenable. The local populace was ungovernable, yielding their full support to the Gue'vesa regiments. To make matters worse, a Tau fleet had outflanked the imperials in that sector, making a withdrawl from Murgatroyd unviable on any scale.

    The Krieg regiments rebuffed several offers of surrender from the Gue'vesa, and dug in for months, adapting their siegeworks into a formidable redoubt. By the end of the third year, the Imperial forces had been reduced to a quarter of their original strength, but had only lost six meters of ground at the front lines.

    Changing hands
    "Habe ein gute kampf, mein freunde! Zurückkommen lebendig, bitte! Fighting hard, soldiers!"
    Lieutenant Krähe over a vox on Taros

    Rescue finally came in the form of a Rogue Trader fleet. The Gue'vesa and planetary populace, while not initially hostile to the traders, were too devoted to the greater good to participate in something as bourgeois as interstellar commerce. The only things on the planet that seemed at all worth acquiring were the remaining Leman Russ tanks of the Krieg forces.

    After some negotiation with the administratum, it was concluded that the tanks were legitimately acquired under the terms of the Writ of Trade. As a footnote to that settlement, the surviving crew and soldiers from the Krieg companies were likewise appropriated.

    The Leman Russ Annihilators and Demolishers have long since been refitted and sold to PDF forces. The soldiers were integrated, poorly, into the infrastructure of the fleet's militants. Krieg soldiers were deployed in landings and boarding actions of the most perilous kind. Most are now dead.

    More about Maximiliaan
    "Ich habe gesehen Wartrukk coming toward our way, There is five coming at full kampfrasen. Very fast. Sie wahrscheinlich werden ankommen in zwanzig wi Entschuldigung! Sorry! They coming in twenty minutes. We make a sortie?"
    Lieutenant Maximilian Krähe to Captain Holbrook Hielgrund of the 22nd Jouran Dragoons on Galan v

    Kriegsmen are insular enough within their own regiments. In the company of the mercenaries and deserters that constitute the fleet's marines, he is typically regarded as a jinx and an outsider. The fact that he speaks a nigh-unintelligible dialect of low-gothic, muffled by a gas mask that he scarcely ever removes, makes him about as foreign as a Xenos in the eyes of his shipmates.

    Maximiliaan still recalls nothing of his past. He finds life outside of a Krieg regiment terribly disorienting. He spends most of his idle time leaning against the narrow hallways of the Dauntless, because they remind him of trenches. His experience with armour and ordnance has only recently come to the attention of his betters, and he's felt considerably less ill used in the past few weeks, as his duties have become more specialized.

    The features of Maxiliaan's face are surprisingly soft. They've been covered by a respirator nearly every day since his birth. His complexion is only marred conspicuously around his left eye, from when the lens of his gas mask was shattered by the burst of a missfire, leaving a number of thin scars around his upper cheek and eyebrow. A lack of exposure to sunlight has left him quite pale, but hardly anybody notices, as he rarely attempts to engage in anything social. He has no hobbies, but surprisingly enjoys music quite a bit, especially brass instruments. He cant remember why.

    "Planets? Ja, ich habe lots gesehen. Aber, in a trench, der view ist never changing."
    Mamililiaan Krähe to Technician Clyde Harkonen aboard the Dauntless.
  10. Pietato
    Sheet: (Updated before each session, link may change, whatever.)


    Helmsman Gavin Ardos
    Age: 22 Height: 1.8m Weight: 70kg
    Skin: Pale Hair: Gray Eyes: Light Blue

    Gavin Ardos was born on a pirate raider operating primarily in the Segmentum Obscura. His father, Grimm, was the captain of the ship and self-proclaimed 'king' of the pirates, whereas his mother, Sheila Ardos, was no more than a prisoner from an agri world who died in childbirth. Gavin's parentage remained a secret for a large part of his life, resulting in his being raised as a slave, explosive collar included.

    Gavin's duties mostly involved maintenance, cleaning, being beaten, and crawling into small vents until, at the ripe age of eleven, he was given a laspistol and tasked with defending a lander pilot during a raid on an agri world. As a whole, the raid was successful, but Gavin was part of one of the few landing parties to be overwhelmed by the local militia. By the time the lander was beyond the range of the militia, his pilot had bled to death. It was at that point that Gavin's career as a pilot began.
    For the next several years, Gavin was assigned to increasingly dangerous drops with exceedingly shoddy equipment, and quickly distinguished himself by being one of the few lander pilots to consistently return alive. As his reputation improved, so did his standing among the pirates. At the age of 13, he earned the right to have his explosive collar removed, at 14 he was recognized as a member of the crew, and at 15, he was introduced to Grimm. It took little more than a week for Grimm to determine Gavin was his son and shower him with the luxuries his other children enjoyed.
    Gavin's new half-siblings were, for the most part, intolerant of his presence, seeing him as little more than a drain on their own profits. In spite of his new suite of rivals, Gavin found his new situation quite agreeable. That is, until he was piloting the best lander the pirates had to offer. He was well aware that it was far from a good ship, and eventually he decided to just up and quit.

    While twenty years old and raiding a planet, Gavin Ardos lifted his lander off and flew away from the battlefield. He then lied his way into piloting a cargo ship in a merchant fleet and spent the next two years hopping from fleet to fleet, picking and choosing whichever would pay him the most.
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