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Shadowland [Dungeons & Dragons 3.5]: Basic Rules

  1. Headless
    These are the basic rules for the campaign...

    (1.) Characters are 11th-level.
    (2.) Ability scores are determined by point buy. We all begin with 30 points, with modifications by race and level, of course.
    (3.) Starting characters use the wealth guidelines from Pathfinder. It can found on the table that says, "Character Wealth By Level"....

    (4.) If you wish, you can spend your starting gold on magic items, though new characters are restricted from spending more than 25% of starting wealth (about 20,000 gp) on any single magic item.
    (5.) We are not using Tome of Magic, Tome of Battle (Book of Nine Swords), or Magic of Incarnum.
    (6.) Psionics are okay.
    (7.) We accept most character types from Forgotten Realms, Eberron, and Dragonlance, though it should be mentioned that this is a homebrew setting, so if your character is suitably weird, you may get odd reactions from the locals.
    (8.) For the first time ever, we will be using Paizo's Gamemastery Critical Hit and Critical Fumble Decks. That should be cool.
    (9.) The new game will be a combination of exploration, roleplay, and combat.
    (10.) If you have a character concept in mind, it might be a good idea to create a couple characters in advance in order to save time. I'll merely need to know your basic stats before the game begins...

    There will be to come, I'm sure..
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