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Player and game finding resources

  1. kirksmithicus
    Just a few other web resources to help in your search for players or a group.

    Tulsa D&D Meetup - They also have an associated yahoo group that has listings for several 3.x games.

    Tulsa D&D Yahoo group - In the files section they have a .txt file with most if not all of the local game stores.

    Broken Arrow Dragons of Destiny - A D&D game in Broken Arrow that is on Sunday's. - mainly a video game site but it does have a small area for tabletop gamers.
  2. Kritisch
    Looks like all of those links are dead sir. the Yahoo group hasn't had any visible activity in 7 days but then I'm not on the email list.
  3. Mayu
    Has anyone heard about current games in the Tulsa area that would like more players?
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