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Characters and Schedules

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  1. RPGGamer
    Just wonder what kind of characters you use. Also what are some good times to get together and play. Hopefully a DM could make an adventure for us.
  2. RPGGamer
    Alright now that we have enough people (of course more would be added), I think one Sunday a week would be a good time to meet, though I haven't decided a time. Also can someone be DM this time and think of an adventure? That would be great. It would be great if we put a character sheets of our characters on our signiture.

    (I can't be DM this time because I still need to learn how.)
  3. akela122301
    Well, I like to use warrior type characters: fighters, rangers. Paladins not so much. In one of the games ran on this site, I am running an elf rogue. And I have a handful of other characters. As for DMing, I am not up to being a 4e DM right now. I'm good for Sundays, as long as it isn't between 9pm to a little after midnight EST.
  4. Halfman
    I usually like playing magic characters in rpg's on the computer, so i imagine I would like being a mage of some sort on paper. Unfortunately I've never played 4e or DMed so I can't do that. Sundays work for me.
  5. RPGGamer
    Boy...The way this is going, we either have to work harder to find a DM or we just going have to learn to DM. Anyway, I was thinking of using a Dragonborn Paladin, but I have a few others.
  6. Halfman
    Just one question. I'm wondering how you guys play. I'm more of a role player than a power leveler.
  7. RPGGamer
    I've actually play this game yet, but think I would like both RP and combat.
  8. RPGGamer
    I guess since no one wants to DM this time, I guess I'll have to do it next week.
  9. lobothebluffer
    me i like a good talking rogue that gets into the front of the crowds seeking information gossip and other stuff
  10. Talmek
    I have a few questions concerning the upcoming campaign, aside from who's going to DM...

    1. What edition are we going with? Are we all agreed on 4e and if so, what class/race is everyone planning on?

    2. What time would be good for everyone on Sunday (Please include time zone)? I am a shift worker and two Sundays out of every month I'm either working nights or days.

    3. What options are we looking at in terms of "medium" since we are intending on playing online? I know nothing of MapTool so if we're to use it I will most likely need some assistance in setup/use.

    I'm already looking forward to playing again. It's been years since I've had a good group going.
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