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  1. MrFrost
    I must be getting sloppy because I haven't updated this place since.. Well its been that long. We are currently taking a brake from my campaign for a undetermined amount of time. I like to sit back and play from time to time when I hit a road block..

    Strangely enough we found that D20 Modern looks badass and we may end up playing that after we're finished with Latin's Adventure. We are currently working on collecting all the guides so that may take some time.

    I am also looking into adding a new player shortly since we have yet to replace Katt. We'll have to wait and see.
  2. MrFrost
    This weekend we are going to be taking a vote on whom will be running the D20 Modern Campaign, there are three people in the running. Ian, Jay and myself. This way we wont have two people working on a campaign for nothing. Again we aren't sure when we will get to playing but I figured we might aswell get it out of the way now.

    Also we need to chat about my suspended campaign "The Final Frontier". We had put 176 hours into this game and I would like to finish it at some point, but as I had said before I ran into a road block I am currently working on at this point and the game was suspended untill further notice.

    Being that we had also started Dave's campaign (36 Hours in) we need to decide what we are going to do with all these unfinished campaigns. I know few of you want to finish FF when it is ready again, some want to continue to play Dave's game and others want to play D20. So we gotta figure out what we are going to be doing about this mess.
  3. MrFrost
    We took the vote and decided to put Final Frotier on the back burner and use Dave's game as a back up campaign when we feel like playing something other then what we are at the time.

    As for D20 Modern it's looking like this will be what we will be playing come soon, come December/January. We are going to be starting out playing short modules for the time being since so many people want to run a game. The following list are the peoples who will be running a short adventure and the setting.

    Justin - Sci-Fi (2-4 Sessons)
    Jay - Sci-Fi (3-6 Sessons), Post Apocalyptic (6-12 Sessons)
    Anthony - 70's Modern (1-3 Sessons), Modern (Full Scale)
    Ian - Post Apocalyptic (Mid Sized), Modern (Mid Sized)

    We may also be looking for a new player come soon. So if your up to it keep checking back from time to time for updates. We're thinking around the start of the Modern Campaigns.
  4. MrFrost
    Well we made the attempt with D20 and it didn't work out so well. An The Final Frontier got voted back in so it looks like I am in the driver seat once again. We got alot of good stuff comming up over the next couple sessions so stay tuned.

    Also we are looking for a new player to add to the gang, if anyone knows anyone willing please let me know.
  5. MrFrost
    Well we have a new player sort of, please welcome Mr. Ed Knoll.
  6. MrFrost
    Great game this past weekend, I would have to say one of the best to date. Anyhow we have a new player, we may still accept one other, only time will tell.
  7. MrFrost
    well we have 2 new players that will be joining us in 2 weeks for a full roster of 8 heads. looks to be some good gaming ahead of us.

    also tomorrow i will be reviewing character sheets because i found a number of mistakes. i figure it is due to forgetting who is wearing or using what. no biggie.
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