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  1. dr pepper
    I can't be the only player looking for other players around here, so come on, speak up!

    My preference would be to play on Sundays over at Leisuretime Games, but i'm willing to consider other possibilities.
  2. Java_Rob
    This is Java Rob, speaking up. No, your not the only person looking for a game. If you get this and would like to discuss the details (where, when, et al), you can email me here or at


    Waiting in the tavern.
  3. PirateKilt
    It's amusing that I am logging onto this site almost a year exactly after your post Rob. Are you still gaming in the area?
  4. Bounty Hunter
    I know this site is a ghost town. But new to the area and love gaming. Feel free to message me or email BHRPGS@GMAIL.COM
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