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Local Games?

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  1. mnemenoi
    Got a game? Want to tell your local folk what you'd like to run and see if there is any interest? Try it out here and see who might be interested, sometimes you'd really be amazed...
  2. mnemenoi
    I run a 2nd ed. AD&D Dark Sun game in the heights once a month, its an all elven tribal game that certainly sets a strange stage, but has been a lot of fun. I have been wanting to try out some different things lately, maybe an Amber game, or Star Wars, ehh. I'd also like to try an old World of Darkness game, but just need some motivation I suppose. Been kicking my old Cyberpunk and Rifts stuff around for some brainstorming, but I think its just writing all the characters up that is the intimidating portion of it.
  3. agoraderek
    What happened to your all dwarf FR game?
  4. mnemenoi
    We had a few players leave and a few more return, so it had ended after the last big adventure. I asked everyone what they wanted to play in that they had always wanted run and Dark Sun came up on top, though Spelljammer and Taladas (Dragonlance) both were close runners up. We have run 5 games thus far and its been decent, our players did like the idea of the racially pure party and it just continued onward from there.

    I did start running the all dwarf game here, just transferring it to a PBP game instead. Its under the PBP area, Dwarf Hold of Uerythtar if you'd like to read it over or hop in...
  5. Berethrof
    Hey there... are you still looking for players for your Dark Sun campaign?
  6. mnemenoi
    I'm up to 8 players, though the group has broken into 2 different groups of 4. Are you close to my location? We play in the heights, but might be able to squeeze in another player
  7. cthulew
  8. mnemenoi
    and to you as well, fellow Houstonian...
  9. The Halfling
    The Halfling
    Hello, I'm looking for players for a 4e game...2 in fact on a rotating basis.

    The primary world is a Mystara Mash up.

    The other is an Eberron campaign More Human than Human.

    Both newbies and veterans are welcome.
  10. mnemenoi
    I'm not familiar with 4th, but a good source of players might be the upcoming Owlcon in Houston at Rice University. Its in February and collects various locals into a small con and gives you chance to get acquainted a bit before you invite them. Let me know if you are going, I'm running a game on Friday evening and I'll be there on Sunday morning.
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