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Introduction of Characters

  1. mnemenoi
    A spot to give some description and history as well as anything else you might find appropriate.
  2. Taavuor
    The Early Life of Taavuor the Ranger
    Taavuor remembers little of being an infant carried on his mother’s back, in the days before his first run with the Tribe. There was little to mark the passing. His father was unknown to him; either being slain or disappearing before Taavuor even had a name. His mother Taavuor came to love, though she sheltered him little from the trepidation of wilderness living. It’s perhaps for this reason that many years later Taavuor came to believe that the life of the Elves on Athas had once been something more than what it currently was. Though as an adult he gave this idea quiet contemplation, he was an obedient youth and adhered to tribal traditions, including its at times raucous behavior. It’s actually through these traditions that the fatherless child came to have a name.
    Under his mother’s careful training, the tiny elfling soon began to master his limbs in imitation of the older tribe members. Before his 6th year he passed the greatest test of his young life by stubbornly deciding to run alongside his mother. Of course, he wasn’t able to keep the full pace, but the Tribe was in no hurry, opting to keep watch for the upstart and his protective mother. After arriving at the already-assembled campsite, the tribal elders marveled at the small youth’s fortitude. Soon, the now would call to them and the entrancing music began to pour through the desert night. In the nameless child’s mind, the time had come. After all, he was able to run now, and Elves much older and wiser than even his mother now knew that he existed. There was nothing, no fatigue or fear of reprimand that would keep him from dancing with the tribe this night. Caught up in the reverie of the dance, the tribesmen and women caught up in the tribal rite paid him little heed, unconsciously making room for the youngster and taking care not to trample him. The onlookers however were astounded. Their amazement soon turned to mirth as the Elfling did his best to dance with the “big people”. Calling to mind something he once observed from his mother’s back, he began to flap his arms and glide around the campfire like a soaring bird of prey. Long into the night he danced, in fact, he awoke the next morning not knowing how he had made it back to his mother’s tent. The rest of the tribe had known though, and they rejoiced in their newest soon-to-be-named member. The tribal elders bestowed upon him an ancient name, belonging to a long-extinct ancestor of his newfound nickname, “bird”. He was henceforth known as Taavuor.
    As an adolescent, Taavuor continued his tradition of natural observance. Careful watch was set over him as he oftentimes would wander away from the tribe in search of a closer glimpse at his latest discovery of fauna. Noticing that he had much more empathy for animals than a common kank-herder, the village Hunt-master began to tutor the young “Bird” in the ways of the wild. He learned that taking an animal’s life was sometimes necessary for survival, but more importantly he learned discretion. Being as inclined to nature as he was, he took to his lessons and adventures in the wilderness. There’s little wonder then that his coming-of-age trial came in the form of a solo hunt. In the world of Athas this is not advised, even for the most experienced of Elves. Taavuor however had learned his lessons well from the Hunt-master and not only survived the hunt, but elected to stay in the wilderness for much longer than designed. Coming across a daytime shelter of a large but unwitting desert animal, Taavuor was able to slay the creature and thus take shelter from the cruel sun. Having food, shelter and the ability to find water among the desert flora, the young Ranger could not pass up the opportunity to become one with nature, finding his own “now”. After an enlightening sojourn into the wide world, Taavuor returned home to his kin with a trophy of the hunt. In return, he was now a Dune Runner.
    Since becoming a recognized hunter, Taavuor spent more and more time in the wild, oftentimes in solitude. He didn’t have the proper lineage or Clan association to assume a life amongst the more highborn members of the tribe. This troubled him very little though, as he was able to find solace in the hunt and in communion with nature. He did made some friends within the tribe however. His prowess in battle and willingness to come to the defense of the Dune Runners soon elicited the trust and respect he came to cling to in a world of harsh realities. One such reality came on the day his beloved tribe rescued him from a gruesome death at the hands of a thri-kreen hunting pack. It was on that day Taavuor’s young mind came to the bitter realization that as an Elf, he and his Tribe had enemies in number and variety unimaginable.
  3. Taavuor
    Oops, I meant Dune Striders (not Runners)
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