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  1. kitsune1842
    Never played in any, did flip through the one adventure that included a fight on top of the Lightning Rail but other than that part I can't actually remember any of it.
  2. HowwwwL
    Sounds good! Now if I can convince the kobold to be my minion, my character will be set for world domination...
  3. HowwwwL
    I thought I would add an idea. Not sure if you are good with something like this or have time, but I will throw it out there anyways...

    You know what would be cool, is if we could continue the pbp portion, but also have one night every week where we could play by chat. Was fun last night chatting to some of the other players, would be cool to have more direct interaction as well.

  4. Windstar
    Well we will be in chat situation at some point, I plan on doing any major combat in chat for ease and time saving. I found that out when I got into a battle with stirges in the game I play in. Afterwards I will do a text over and post it in pbp section. Or if a player volunteers to do it thats fine too.
    But for the most part all rp will be done in pbp.

    Thanks though for being involved and helping out.
  5. Gahr
    I was thinking an organized play by chat would make the combat situations much more fluid as well. If we can meek once a week or whatever to do that, I think it would be awesome, though now that things are moving I think the PbP will be just a good if not everyone can make it to the chat session.

    As a side note, I dunno if I'd be able to RP in chat...I have enough trouble figuring out what I want my character to do amidst all the other posters (I had to make a chart/map for myself including everyone and where the were in relation to each other in order to keep track...). If we RPed by chat then I'd probably end up just sitting by and reading, which is fine, so long as my Shifter stays quiet and reserved... >.>
  6. Vodka
    Combat in chat? That sounds like a really great idea... if we can drag everyone together for it, that is.
  7. Windstar
    From my experiances, rp'ing in chat is difficult, but combat is another story, I do prefer combat in chat, but the majority of the game will be in the pbp setting. Right now I am waiting on mne to answer the warlock before moving on, I know his schedule is fluid so just please be patient.

  8. Windstar
    Ok, if ya'll would like to banter amongst yourselves in the Inn, go for it, enjoy and have fun, I will move ya along when appropriate. Rememeber it is an rpg.

  9. outrider
    Havent played in Ebberon. Glanced at the books long time ago.
  10. Windstar
    For a number of reasons, chapter 2 will be in the forum section. You may have to help a little, but in the long run it will work better I think.

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