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  1. Windstar
    Ok, folks, well it is time to start, please follow the leads of the Kobold and Shifter and please enter the Inn.

    For ease of operation please post in turn, so the posting order will follow the pace set by the entering posts. Unless otherwise directed by me.

    Once all are in, I will move it to the next stage and so forth. Welcome to the world of Eberron and hopefully we will all have fun.

  2. Windstar
    Alrighty then, well we have enough players that I will not need a NPC, so I will not post as her, but I will shadow her along in case things change.
  3. Gahr
    Sounds like a grand plan. So is everything figured out about where we're posting and such? Also, are all internet outrages fixed successfully? :P
  4. Windstar
    Internet is fixed till next storm.

  5. Windstar
    Just a bit of info for me, have any of you played in any of the Eberron adventures before? If so please include the name of it so I can make adjustments as needed.

  6. kingbee
    none here..
  7. HowwwwL
    I am reading over Seekers of the Ashen Crown right now for my own in town group right now. Other than that, I've played or read no other adventures.

    I am making my own level 1-2 adventure, and will be looking at doing my own stuff after the Seekers Adventure.
  8. HowwwwL
    Windstar, with the number of offensive spellcasters, as well as the number of players the group has, I can switch over to a cleric if needed (I haven't used any powers yet, so it would be easy to do using the same name and race). Just let me know.

    I was flip flopping between cleric and warlock (I made both - lol), so it is really not a big deal for me if it will help you, because it is all ready to go.
  9. Gahr
    I've never played in Eberron, but have been looking over some very basic stuff online. Any suggested reads?
  10. Windstar
    Your fine the way you are. Besides, I like Warlocks.................
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