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Areas of Interest.

  1. Borris
    The Town of Lockjaw

    The mines of Lockjaw have had many owners. Like an old bicycle that has been around the town, it sits near the borders of Breland, Thrane, and Cyre and each has had claim to it at one point or another. Now it sits at the edge of the Mourlands, its population devastated during the collapse of Cyre and its subsequent sacking (again) by the goblins.

    But all is not as it seems in Lockjaw. Its ore shipments have increased abruptly in the last few years, enough for Breland to take notice. Down the old road that once led into Cyre now come merchant wagons heaving cargoes of good quality iron ore, of a type never before seen from the harsh scrublands around the town. Stranger still, in the crime circles around the frontier abberant dragonshards are appearing. They possess a strange reddish hue and are said to be caustic to flesh, but are highly valued for the rather odd magics they channel.

    Are these shards comming from Lockjaw? The town, always hard to reach, has been occupied by a rude goblin force who refuses access to anyone not of their clan to the mining area. Trade of slaves to the area has increased dramatically and the town has gained a reputation among nearby locals as a place where money flows freely.

    What has changed above and perhaps below Lockjaw are yet to be seen.
  2. Borris
    The Twisted Citadel

    This old dwarven forge town is known for the twisted tower that hangs over it, having been bent during a geological earthquake that shook its foundations but its superior construction kept part of it standing. During the war it was a major producer of arms and armament, but this productivity largely faded with the building of lightning rail on another route combined with the earthquake and a 3 year seige by Goblin forces. Many dwarves are still very bitter about the lack of a relieving force. It still is known in the local area for its factories and forges, but is no longer the shining star of production it was 50 years ago. Perhaps the dwarves like it this way, as Breland and Darguun largely pays no attention to them now.

    Its population is largely craftsmen with some light mining of the local rocks which are famous for silver and copper. The presence of these valuable metals has fueled its artificer houses, who are said to be more important then the forging guilds now. There are rumors it is now much more connected to New Cyre and has embraced many of the refugee craftsman to its ranks.
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