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D and D'ers of Colorado

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  1. Thriondel Half-Elven
    Thriondel Half-Elven
    Hey everyone!
  2. mrken
    Even though I don't actually play DnD, I would still like to join. Is it ok if I just role-play?
  3. Chi
    Absolutley! And you don't play d and d? I thought you did, what do you play?
  4. mrken
    It looks like DnD, but it is a homegrown game. I throw in a bit of Pendragon stuff like nobles and knights, and I throw in a bit of the realism of Harn. It tends to be pretty low level magic and low level fantasy, though there are plenty of the fantasy stuff like the different races and monsters. We use d100 where you roll low for best results.
  5. Chi
    Okay I get it sorta! Fun so you actually have a d100. Where did you get it? I have always wanted one
  6. mrken
    I got it from my frustration with having to buy a new rule book every month from WotC and a couple of rules lawyers who wanted to turn every gaming session into a rules debate. It sort of evolved over a few years from what was important to RP and then just using those important points to guide a group of players through a plot line so they could just play without a boat load of rules to consult to see if a player could do something. Now I just say yes and allow them to reap the benefits of their actions within a realistic (yeah, right, with dragons and magic real. lol) world.
  7. mrken
    ::tap, tap:: This thing still on?
  8. mrken
    If anyone in the Aurora area joins and is looking for a game, we still have a seat open for someone who enjoys role playing in a somewhat historical fantasy setting.
  9. CharlesMarkley
    Looking to add another player to a game in Broomfield/Northeast Thornton.
  10. mrken
    Hey Charles, welcome to the group. Hope you find someone to join your group as well. You should have no problem and there seem to be quite a few members up there in that neck of the woods. Good luck there!
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