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The begining

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  1. mnemenoi
    "It isss indeed mistresss. Perhapss we sshould wander more closely that you can hear them. We near the time of formation and we are desstined to join. I have visioned them all and feel as though they are known to me, though I could not speak their namess,"* as he tries to maneuver her forward.

    As he approaches the group, the bandaged kobold turns down his scaly snout as a sign of respect for such an illustrious and divine assemblage.

    * - Draconic
  2. Windstar
    With the gathering crowd, Tora moves easily to Rillians side, "So young lord how much are ye willing to pay for my services? Just as a guide is fairly cheap, but anything else will need to be negotiated."

    And just as easily she moves away back thru the gather crowd with ease to her back corner table.
  3. HowwwwL
    Morganna follows Sys'lex closer to the group, out of curiosity.
  4. kingbee
    This had easily become the most interesting night of Darren’s life. Eyes taking in the strange gathering group, he shrugged in response to the question from the Warforged. “I don’t know. It seems the Elvish lad is the cause of this excitement.” He nodded at the disheveled young Eladrin. Using both hands he lifted the large mug of mead to his mouth again, determined now to follow this new adventure wherever it may lead. Returning the mug to the bar, he hopped down walked over to the young wizard and declared, “I’ll be coming.” And before the elf could reply he turned to the Warforged and repeated “I’ll be coming.” He smiled and returned to his seat to wait and watch in anticipation for any new excitement.
  5. outrider
    Dabril is looking around at the group wondering if this is going to be a good or bad thing.
  6. mnemenoi
    The small cloaked kobold walks forward in an attempt to capture the assembled peoples attention. He bows his head low and speaks in a formal common, very outdated and certainly sounding as if it were not his native tongue.

    "I hath been ssent to assisst you all in your endeavorss. It is the will of my Mistresss and I that we might join with you all. I sshall sserve you all in whatever thine will iss," as he falls upon his knees his head dropping to the ground as a sign of his subserviant nature.
  7. outrider
    Dabril speaks in an angry voice "Dammit, don't bow to me. Look me in the eye when you speak." He turns away shaking from the sound of his voice.
  8. kitsune1842
    As the Halfling speaks Targ nods, "I too will join you." The actions of the little Kobold catch the Warforged's attention and lead to him making a noise halfway between a growl and the sound of metal grinding against metal. Dabril's angery outburst happens before Targ can move but after it he simply points at the Kobold. "Little one, if you are going to do anything do it because you wish not, not because it is the Will of another." The volume of his voice does not raise, nor is there any real sign of anger in his tone, but the way he says his bit does suggest he has a very deffenet point of view when it comes to the idea of free will.
  9. mnemenoi
    It shrinks back when the two reprimand him for his obvious show of peaceful intention. He meagerly looks up, "Yess, my lordss. It sshall be ass you wissh."

    The memory of his vision again clouds his mind, the machine looming upon a magenta battlefield. Dead lay scattered over the sulfurous earth, a testimony of the vehicle that had slain them. It rears and its visage is clear, blood coats the construct awash in gore and in its gears lie organs of those it has eliminated. The image brings a smile to his reptilian face, appearing as a sneer.

    The other stands upon a hill his exposed skin covered in runes of power. He speaks in whispers while the ancient dead crowd to please him. He cackles with delight, brimming with untapped power that challenges the god's themselves.

    "I am unfamiliar with your customss. You are benevolent indeed for overlooking my failingss and ignorance," as he meekly attempts to look them both in the eye.
  10. HowwwwL
    Morganna moves up beside the kobold, confidently warning the group.
    *In Common*
    "This is my friend Sys'lex. Where he goes... I go... Morganna delivers a devilish grin.

    Morganna believes this little kobold in some way holds the key to her destiny, foretold by her mother, and is not about to let anything bad happen to him...
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