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The begining

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  1. HowwwwL
    Morganna looked down to the kobold with a smile.

    *In Draconic*
    "Yes I am real. You have nothing to fear while I am with you..."

    Morganna pauses for a moment looking back to the odd group of people discussing their problem not far from her.

    *In Draconic*
    "What name do you go by my little friend?" She asks the kobold, eyes still fixated on the strange group of people.
  2. mnemenoi
    "I am Sys'lex and I have been sent to serve you all," as he gestures toward the group of warm that had been speaking.

    "I have seen you call forth the skies and flay the flesh from all whom stand against you. I am humbled in your presence. The elements dance at your whim and your mere thought is eternal my mistress..." as he prostrates himself in front of her.

    "I fear that my mind could not fathom your words for I am but a servant. What name shall I speak of you in the tapestry of what came to be?" as his gaze returned to the woman.
  3. HowwwwL
    *in Draconic*
    "You may call me Morganna."
    Morganna pauses for a minute...

    "Something is drawing my attention to that group of people. I am not sure why, Sys'lex..." Morganna points to the group discussing a lost friend.
  4. outrider
    Dabril looks at the prostrating draconian. Shakes his head and speaks to the draconian. "don't be a servant to anybody, little fellow. Its demeaning to you and can only lead to your ruin. Be a free person."
  5. TheBlackDragon
    With only a bright flash of light as a forewarning, a 5'9 female lands flat on her back in the center of the inn. She stands slowly after a moment, oddly she doesn't appear the least bit surprised or misplaced.

    Only the faint dirt from the floor tarnishes an otherwise brilliantly white set of robes. Gold trim outlines it with a large sun-like sphere on her back. Nothing on her person but a coin purse and a holy symbol hanging from her neck.

    "Excuse my rude entrance; I'd have used the door if I'd had a choice..." Only a faint expression of disappointment is seen on her face as she turns about, coming face to face with the group of people greeting the Wizard.

    "I'd assume you're the group I was sent here to join, feel free to deny me and I'll be on my way." Her expressions still only faint, she continues to look dissatisfied with herself.

    Pausing for a few more moments she realizes nobody has moved, they're all still staring in shock that she'd just appeared from the air and is talking to them.

    "You... you don't know who I am? Why I'm here? Do you?"

    Exasperation is obvious now.

    "Some test this will be, a test of my patience!" Returning to an idle disposition almost instantly she continues.

    "I'm Khaela, Priestess... or almost so, of il-Yannah. I've been 'placed' here to aid you in what I'm assuming is going to be a trying and difficult task by my superiors."

    She doesn't seem to grasp that she's in a tavern of strangers, her demeanor suggests she's feels completely safe, or oblivious to potential dangers around her.
  6. mnemenoi
    He seems pleased by Morganna's attention and obediantly follows her gaze to the group that is speaking.

    "Yes, we are bound to them by fate. Can you not feel the pull of destiny upon your being?" as if he assumed all the warm could sense it.

    At the words from Dabril, the small reptilian looks up at him in confusion. "I simply know my place, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Only trying to be what one is not is deserving of shame. Shadows dance around you master, I have glimpsed your future and you are the master of your fate," his yellow eyes reflecting the fire's light.

    He knew much of these, his visions had been many. Though these warm knew little of the fate in store for them, he alone had been given warnings. Of what the undying had in store he would not presume to speak, but he accepted his role for that was his place. Obviously something this warm male knew little of, should he have been amongst the chosen an attitude such as his would have meant slow disembowlement by the blood priests. He could only assume this was why they clung to these niceties and advancements so, that or to ease the pain from not being the true first children of Eberron as was his kind.

    The sudden appearance of a human female amidst the den of warm is a bit of a surprise, though the bright lights and loud sounds of alarm seem just as startling to the diminutive little reptile. He leaps behind the robes of Morganna while casting his voluminous hood over his head in an attempt to shield himself from the overwhelming stimuli. Only as things seem to calm does he peek his snout in her direction and make out the last bit of her announcement. "It is she, Khaela be her name. Scales hang from her hand and winds buffet her from afar. Beware for she shall bequeth the silver robe...." in a whispered draconic to Morganna.
  7. Vodka
    Another spoke to join in on the group, a heavily-painted humanoid... something. Rillian had never before seen a Warforged in anything other than brief documentations in books, so it was little surprise that he took a moment to marvel at the sight before remembering his manners. "Of course! Welcome!"

    The female who had asked the questions earlier spoke again, this time offering a guide to Blackroot for a small fee. Fee? He hoped it was small- Rillian's current monetary possessions were admittedly slim. "A-alright..."

    There was some small scene going on in the corner of the bar. Some cloaked being, so small that Rillian had initially missed it. He had only a moment to peer at the bowing figure and the human woman before a bright flash diverted his attentions, shortly followed by another human woman in white. As she spoke on as if this were some absolutely casual happenstance that wasn't worth a second thought, Rillian could only blink. "Uhm... in that case... welcome?" At least it was another person willing to lend aid...
  8. TheBlackDragon
    "I apologize for my bluntness, I'm just astounded you weren't even notified I was coming. Or even asked if you needed help... it's a long story. I honestly would enjoy joining you in whatever you're looking to do, il-Yannah and I can make your journey much easier to endure."

    Khaela starts to actually look around in detail at the inn's patrons. It begins to set in that this isn't a mock test like the others she's been subjected to, she was moved entirely outside her region. These people aren't here to observe and assist her in her advancement, she was simply thrown out into the world as is.

    Taking the timid Wizard's "welcome" as an invitation she steps in closer to blend in with the rest of the group.

    "Right, we'll watch each other's backs then."

    She stares back and forth between the many others inside the inn.
  9. HowwwwL
    *In Draconic*
    Morganna whispers back to Sys'lex...

    "...Well this just gets more and more interesting...", her eyes fixated on the cleric.
  10. kitsune1842
    With a face quite litteraly forged of steel it is difficult to tell just what the leather and hide clad Warforged is thinking. The little reptile prostrating himself before someone and speaking to her in a language that he did not know or understand, the sudden appearance of the odd human, even the reactions of the others that seemed drawn to the being in need of help were all watched by his seemingly dispationate eyes. He could feel a certain amount of confusion, curiosity, and even amusment at how things were playing out before turning to the little Halfling that has so far been the only one to speak to him directly. "Is this how things normally happen when people spend time in a bar?"
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