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The begining

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  1. kingbee
    The slight Ranger was torn between his desire for companionship and the instincts that told him it was best to skirt society. He wasn’t sure giving into that desire had been one of his best ideas. The atmosphere in the inn was near overwhelming. But the slight dull to his thoughts the strong mead caused was a helpful relief. His tension eased and Darren quickly found his tongue, starting easy conversation with the people around him. And then, it walked it. It must have been something in his Halfling nature. Because when that man-thing walked in and sat near him at the bar every voice in his head screamed danger, screamed that he should get away, but he was a Halfling captivated. He couldn’t take his eyes off the thing. He sat there, mouth hanging open and staring in wide eyed amazement at the fascinating machine. He never heard or saw the any others speak.
  2. kitsune1842
    The Warforged sits in the near perfect stillness that most living beings can not achieve. His outer stillness is helped by his lack of the need to breath, or shift his body to keep comfortable and does not betray the inner turmoil that fills him. Trapped between indicision and curiosity. In some ways his thoughts mirror others wondering why the kobold wears what he is, why the halfling seems so happy, and where he came from. In others they simply question his own actions, should he have come to the bar, should he speak up when someone steps up and fails to get people's attention to help them.

    While something in him thinks the Eladrin's speach, once it is made loud enough for people to hear, may be an answer to his own questions about what he should do next there is one thing he feels that he must do first. With a slowness that one might expect to be accompanied by a metalic creek the Warforged turns its head so that it can look the slack jawed Halfling in the eyes. "Can I help you little one?"
  3. Windstar
    Tora, perks up at the announcement of a fellow traveller needing assitance, as she waits for him to continue or sitdown, she looks him over wondering how soft of a life he must of had. Looking around at the others withing the room she picks out 4 maybe 5 folks who may be able to help, though not sure how many would be willing.

    She is sure the warforge will help out, as they are made to help or serve others, the shifter seems very attentive, maybe too attentive, could he have an alternitive motive flowing thru his thoughts? The female trying to get the timid Kobold to speak seems dark, as though she is not the only one controling her thoughts, mayhap she be warlork, dangerous indeed if so. The woodsman, ummm, mayhap he is looking for a cause. The Kobold is lost and looking she thinks.

    "Well wizard tell us of your needs, you seem to have most of our attentions" she declares as she works on her nails with a well honed dagger.
  4. Vodka
    Rillian was honestly surprised when the human stepped forward, offering his hand and services. Doubly so when another patron spoke up. The surprise was easily readable on his face, though with a quick blink of his blue eyes he switched to a genuine smile. "Oh, thank you!" Timidly, he took the human's offered hand, tentative of this odd custom. "Thank you so much!"

    Another voice spoke up, this one female. She was not one to offer, instead requesting for him to elaborate as she picked at her nails with a dagger. Rillian seemed startled by this, ass his smile was quick to fade and his hand quicker to withdraw from the human's grasp, but after a deep breath he seemed to regain his composure. Of course, not too many would be as easy to win over as the two that had spoken up.

    "Of course..." What did she want, exactly? "Uhm... Like I said, I'm looking for a friend... Ahh... Her name is Doria Veledaar. She was to visit her family in Blackroot, and..." Rillian shrugged. "She had invited me to visit with her should I visit the region. Next thing I know..." He pulled out a small missive, carefully folded and tucked away in a pocket. "I get this."

    Unlike before, the more he talked, the more confident he seemed to grow. Perhaps he was bolstered by the fact that two had already volunteered to join in and help. "I... I don't know the area at all. And if it's a matter of bandits or wild beasts..." he offered a small shrug. "I suppose that's why I would need allies."
  5. kingbee
    Darren watched the Warforged speak but it took him a long second before he actually heard the words. He took a quick look around to confirm that the words were, in fact directed at him. It appeared they were. The Halflings wholes demeanor changed. Suddenly serious, “you are unlike any man I have ever seen. Yet you wear the furs and the markings of men I might recognize.” Darren hopped from his seat to the one beside the Warforged. “Please let us talk, I have so many questions?” Darren motioned at the serving girl then pointed at his near empty mug. He looked at his new companion, took a deep breath, smiled, then began……..
  6. outrider
    "May I see the note?" asked Dabril. Dabril is now looking about tavern noting the short dragonlike creature and the warrior of iron. He wonders about them to hisself.
  7. kitsune1842
    As the Halfling speaks the Warforged Barbarian simply looks at it a moment before interrupting him before he can start speaking again. "You are no the only one with questions little one, but there is something more important than personal curiosity to deal with at the moment." Not really caring that his actions are technically rude the metal man stands and steps away from the Halfling and the bar to walk near to Rillian. "I am called Targ, I have faced wild beasts and bandits more than once. I assume finding this missing friend of yours will provide my axe with all manner of worthy challenges, yes?"
  8. HowwwwL
    Morganna, waiting for the small reptilian creature to speak, gets distracted by the commotion near the entrance to the inn. She listens carefully to the conversation, waiting for something to pique her interest.

    *It is too bad his girlfriend left him for another man*, she thought... *'tis life*
  9. Windstar
    With a flick of her wrist the dagger seems to just disappear as the waitress brings her dinner, the waitress pauses, expecting to feel the pain of a dagger as it disappears. When the anxiety is gone she slowly and with great care places the plater of fried taters and meat in front of the leather clad female(wondering if she can make it back to the kitchen without showing the fear she felt).
    Tora grins at the lass without any warmth as she starts eating. Her eyes never stop moving. Soon as she finishes, she signals for another ale, after taking a great swallow she looks again at the young lord-ling "I can guide ye to Blackroot fer a small fee" thinking that the way to the village is at most a a day and a half and there has not been any news of bandits recently.
  10. mnemenoi
    Looking at Morganna the kobold's eyes alight at the sight of the woman. "It is you, at long last.... I can see them here. I shall not fail," in a lisping draconic. His breathing is rapid and he appears excited, but not hostile, though the line is certainly thin.

    "We shall fulfill our roles and spin the wheel of fate. None may stand against us as it has been foretold," his reptilian eyes falling upon the assembled individuals that happened upon this same inn on this fateful night. Shifter, War-Forged, Halfling, Warlock, and Ranger all fall into his gaze.

    "I have been searching for so long I began to wondor if you were even real," his voice creaking with what might be said is emotion.

    (*all spoken in Draconic)
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