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Battletech & Mechwarrior - wargaming/RPG

  1. Chgowiz
    I'm curious if there's any interest in a small (3 to 5 game) campaign which would combine 3025-era Battletech with the Mechwarrior RPG? I would run it as the Game Referee. It would combine some RPG elements with choices made and character improvement along with Battletech map/counter/hex style play. If there's an interest, we can look to see where would be a good place to run this. I'm thinking about 4 players to start off with.
  2. harchunk
    I would be interested. My experience I have been playing off an on since 1990
  3. Chgowiz
    Cool! I'm hunting for 3 more players.

    If you'd like an idea of what you're getting into:
  4. harchunk
    I am so lookin forward to this we need more players!!!!!
  5. harchunk
    Did this thread die?
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