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  1. RexxRedfoxx
    I think here ill create a place where all the memebrs of the group can say someting about themselves that wouldnt normally be added into the proflie. Like where gaming groups play (if a store or other public place), what kinda games your intrested in but have never been able to play, and other similar things.
  2. RexxRedfoxx
    For me. Ive been gaming cince around 1985 or maybe a little longer, its hard to remember as I have a bad memory. I started with AD&D, but my first 'intrest' was the old Marvel Superheroes game. Ive played a lot, and ive ran a lot. I prefer running Star Wars, but I might be talked into running other things, but I prefer to stay away from running fantasy games.

    At the point im running this one, I am hanging out at Chimera Hobby Shop in Appleton and often wear Big Dig shirts, so am easier to spot espically when faced away.

    If you spot me, dont be afraid to say hiya. I normally look like im in a bad bood but often im not.
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