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  1. gaultj
    OK, so here's a section to discuss our game: What are we liking or not liking? What would we like to see more of? Should we have chocolate cake each session? Should I bathe the day of our game? And so forth.
  2. gaultj
    Gamer Types:
    Pages 8-9 of the DMG lists several "Player Motivations," i.e., where the fun is for various folks - I've seen several such breakdowns, but we're playing D&D, so let's use this framework. If you don't have the book, we can pass the PDF, but the types are: Actor, Explorer, Instigator, Power Gamer, Slayer, Storyteller, Thinker, and Watcher. I'd venture a guess that we have no Watchers in the group, as everyone was actively seeking a game.

    As a DM, I'd say I'm a Storyteller with perhapse a touch of Explorer. As a player (not that it applies directly), I'd say I'm a Thinker/Storyteller. You?
  3. gaultj
    So I think very conceptually (as opposed to visually, emotionally, etc), which of course colors my communication. I tend to either toss out something brief which means something to me, but may not make sense to others, or (according to my wife, in particular!), over-communicate in an attempt to make sure I haven't done number one (no number two jokes, please).
    As this relates to GM duties - I'll never be a Mark Twain/Garrison Keillor in terms of painting a verbal picture, which is fine. However, I want to make sure I'm not boring you guys talking about something I find interesting about the setting or story, or, alternately, leaving you wondering what is going on or having trouble getting into things. Thoughts?
  4. Darth Hadeus
    Darth Hadeus
    First off, yes, you should bathe on the day of the game. In fact, I BEG YOU- GET SOME SOAP ALREADY! And while we don't have to have chocolate cake every session, a little food doesn't hurt- and lucky for you guys, I like to cook (and am actually pretty good at it!) So if you guys want, one of these days, just decide what you want and I'll see what I can do (and please mention any dietary requirements/allergies/etc. that might mean I have to change ingredients or something). YAY for desserts!

    As far as player type... I think I tend to be a Thinker (feel free to disagree if you might have noticed otherwise- pretty sure I'm a Thinker though.)

    As far as the last part goes, (Good Garrison Keillor reference by the way- when I bother to read all the paper, I like his articles) I think you do a good job descriptively. It's more than I ever got in my other group, and to be honest, if there's anything we need to know that you haven't covered, I have absolutely NO problem asking a bunch of (what's bound to be slightly annoying) questions till I get a picture or decide whether or not a plan might work. And, given the members of our group, I don't think we have to worry about getting bored. Of course, if some day you DO happen to get too colorful in your descriptions, we'll let you know.

    (Insert random #2 joke here.)

    As far as what else I like/dislike, I might have to give that some thought. To be honest, I haven't really been keeping a list (though maybe I SHOULD start taking notes- at least it'll help a bit with keeping up with the story at times). If I don't think of anything that really pops out at me between now and the next session, I will have something after the game for sure, even if it's something slightly inappropriate, such as "I like laughing at people when they say things like 'I'm going to crushing blow your a**!'"
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