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South Puget Sound Gamers!

  1. trechriron
    Welcome! If you are in the South Puget Sound, we welcome you! If not, feel free to lurk, just don't mess up anyone's MOJO. Especially if we're trying to organize stuff. :-D

  2. SpiffyBananaFoot

    I'm in Puget Sound also. Not quite that far south (Renton), but close enough. I'm sure if there were some gatherings I could attend I wouldn't have a problem getting there. I am currently involved in a game with a mediocre GM, but that's ok, because I'm sure he would never see my posts here...
  3. Severion
    I'm in the area, i won't always be able to make meet-ups (games and family tend to keep me busy) but i'll certainly try, maybe find a more consistent group and an opportunity to just play.
  4. Lucian-Sunaka
    Well, I've officially joined, I live in Graham (south of Puyallup), so whatever I can make I will lol.
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