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  1. DM_Running_Farland_3.5
    Rhode Island, neither a road, nor an island.
  2. Panthro82
    LOL that comes from a movie or the Simpsons....I can't remember which...There is actually a very simple explanation as to why Rhode Island is named thus...

    Jean Claude Van Damme was shooting his newest film Time Cop in the year 1993. He did one of his super spin kicks he is famous for and it was so awesome in its power that it tore the very fabric of space time and created a portal that he fell through and landed in the year 82 B.C. In an epic quest for learning, acceptance, and love, he eventually made it back to the year 1993. He never forgot his time in 82 B.C. and neither did history, because he named the place he was in then Rhode Island(He named it this because back then it was an island surrounded by a series of very elaborate roads which were also surrounded by water. His extreme fighting changed the terrain considerably though) The world has never been the same since.....
  3. DM_Running_Farland_3.5
    It is from Saturday Night Live. From back when it was funny.
  4. Panthro82
    MIKE MYERS!!!! I remember now. I refer to that cast as the dream team cast. My dad and I argue that cause he thinks the cast in the 70's was the best cast in SNL history.
  5. DM_Running_Farland_3.5
    But then the '80s cast didn't suck, either...
  6. Panthro82
    in my mind the best SNL year ever was prob 90-91
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