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Looking for 1st Edition DnD players in North Atlanta

  1. darkMongoose
    Hi group!

    I'm a gamemaster trying to put together players for a new 1st Edition AD&D Campaign here in the Acworth/Woodstock/Kennesaw area.

    I was trained in the game by people that learned when it was brand new, so I bring a bit of an old-school mark to the table, but have a flexible playstyle nonetheless. I think that exploration, adventure, and varied problem solving are the soul of the game and the secret to having a good time with it regardless of whether it's focused on combat or roleplaying. I'm also fairly experienced in training new players, so no experience in this edition of the rules is necessary to join.

    The tentative plan is to meet every other Wednesday evening at the Hobbytown in Kennesaw, but that's extremely flexible and subject to change.

    If you're interested in joining, just drop me a line and we'll work it out from there! Thanks!
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